TORONTO, Ontario, October 28, 2011 ( – At the October 24 CLC Youth-organized Defund Abortion Rally, three speakers gave moving accounts of how they were negatively affected by the Ontario government’s health care funding priorities, which include the funding of abortion on demand. (See video of excerpts from talks here.)

Sharon Milan, a pro-life activist from an early age, told the story of her mother’s sinus cancer and the consequent required radiation treatment and surgery that removed half of the roof of her mouth. The young daughter explained her parents were unable to obtain Ontario health care funding for a costly mouth device and other follow-up treatments that were necessary for her mother to live a reasonable quality of life. Any yet, Sharon noted, medically unnecessary abortion is 100% subsidized by the province.

The next speaker, Michael Thompson, a teacher and father of 6 children, was joined on the stage by his teenage autistic son Blaise. Thompson explained that it was impossible for them to obtain crucial early intervention assistance for their son that is needed by all autistic children in order to have a chance at a somewhat normal life. In Ontario, there is a completely unacceptable several years long waiting life for such assistance, said Thompson.

Angelina Steenstra, of Silent No More Awareness, movingly shared the trials of her post-abortion life and her conviction that no government should pay for such a damaging, medically unnecessary procedure.

Steenstra stated,  “I was a young woman who was date raped. Abortion was proposed to me as a solution to end the life of my first child that was conceived through rape. The legalization of abortion in this country exploited women who were raped. I was promised that abortion would be a simple, safe procedure that would return my life to the way it was before the date rape.”

She continued, “I can tell you that I was lied to. My life has never been returned to the way it was before the date rape.” Algelina described the subsequent many years that she was a costly burden on the health care system because of the serious social, psychological and physical complications that she experienced from that one abortion, as many other women also experience.

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