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Three Canadian pro-abortion groups have joined forces to allow them a “stronger voice” on the national stage.

The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood Canada), Action Canada for Population and Development (ACPD), and Canadians for Choice will now operate under the banner Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.

The point of the exercise, says the new organization’s executive director, Sandeep Prasad (formerly of the ACPD), is to fill “the need for a stronger voice nationally on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues, and we feel now is a good time for that right to be emerging.”

But a Canadian pro-life leader, John Hof of United for Life BC, told LifeSiteNews, “The timing is such that the only pressing need for the pro-abortion movement is to defeat the Stephen Harper Conservative government” in the general election, which must be held no later than next year.

However, according to Prasad, who did not return LifeSiteNews’ calls, there is more uniting the three than their desire to terminate the lives of unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs: “access to contraception, comprehensive sexuality education, just even looking at issues of sexuality.” Only one in six hospitals in Canada does abortions, he claimed to the CBC, “leaving large areas of the country actually without access.”

Next week the new organization will publicize the release of the United Nations Population Fund’s state of the population report. The UNFPA is a leading advocate of population control measures in developing countries, such as mass contraception, sterilization, and abortion access.

But Hof says the Conservative government does not support these goals or measures. “The Harper government is for promoting maternal health so that babies are born healthy and mothers stay healthy. That is why these groups are united in wanting to replace it with either the Liberals or New Democrats.”

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Both of the principle opposition parties are pro-abortion, and both parties require that all MPs support abortion.

“These abortion groups are just shills for the opposition,” said Hof.

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition took another tack. He told LifeSiteNews that the merger “is something pro-lifers need to be aware of. The pro-death lobby is organizing to try to increase their impact and we need to get better organized too.”

The three organizations want to “push the debate” further, he added, increasing access to abortion in places such as the Maritimes where restrictions still exist. “They want Canadian medical schools to indoctrinate doctors so they all come out both trained and brainwashed to do abortions convinced that it is normal medical service.”

Hof believes the groups have another motive for renaming themselves: funding. “They want to get government funding and being associated with killing babies doesn’t go over well with this government.” If the Conservatives do manage to stay in government, “maybe they will have better luck slipping their grant applications under the new name,” Hof suggested.