TORONTO, Mar 27, 2001 ( – CanWest Global TV, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Home Box Office (HBO) are all set to air propaganda films designed to link the pro-life movement with violence against abortionists.

On Wednesday March, 28 at 10pm Global Television will air the first half of a special on their Blue Murder series, with the second half airing Monday April 2 at 10pm. TV programming write-ups describe the first part of the special, “Remembrance Day,” as: “Four abortionists are murdered by the same killer,” and the second part as “Investigators seek to tie anti-abortion militants to a string of killings.”,1035,ciii,00.html

On Sunday April 1 at 10pm HBO will air a similar propaganda piece on their America Undercover program. “Soldiers in the Army of God” will take “a rare, inside look at the leaders and soldiers in training of the most extreme anti-abortion group in the United States, The Army of God,” says the HBO website. “This film candidly explores the reasons behind terrorist tactics, such as bombing clinics and killing doctors, and looks at the chilling effects this violence has had on abortion providers.” A promo available on the website shows how powerful their presentation is as a propaganda piece and how such footage can instill hatred for the pro-life movement generally.

On Sunday April 8 at 8pm, CBC will air the two-hour film “Chasing Cain” which according to the CBC website “follows two homicide detectives investigating a brutal drive-by shooting … of a doctor and a Croatian woman who work at an abortion clinic,” leading detectives “Kazlowski and McGoogan to a suspect with ties to the pro-life movement.”