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Thursday we start

Steve Jalsevac

Just a brief note to advise LifeSiteNews readers that our last quarterly campaign for this year and our most important ever begins this Thursday, December 6.

It has been a crazy year, with more big news stories than ever! One consequence of that is our resources, of every kind, have been stretched to the absolute limit.

That is not a bad development - it is a good one. But our minimal staff are exhausted and our bank accounts for LifeSiteNews US and Canada are depleted.

We barely have enough funding for the next staff payroll.

That’s it. Honest. With no funds of any kind in reserve. However, there is no panic here. We have been there before and our readers usually come through when we tell them our situation.

We live on the edge because we have to. The stories, interviews, meetings and everything else that we do MUST be done, regardless of funds available at the time. The world is in a great crisis situation and we respond with everything that is made available to us, always trusting that somehow we will be provided for.

So….our campaign goal for Christmas has to be an absolute minimum of $150,000.  If that seems to be a lot, please keep in mind that we are now achieving (reporting and causing real cultural change) vastly more per dollar than other news agencies with far greater resources.

What we do with about $600,000 per year, we are repeatedly told by others in the industry, normally takes double to triple or more than that amount.

Unfortunately, we have an additional albatross around our necks that has still not gone away. The costs for our defense against “pro-choice” Catholic priest Fr. Raymond Gravel have now climbed to a total of approximately $170,000. Outstanding bills at the moment just for that are $95,000. We don’t have $95,000.

And the case is not over, despite us having the most dedicated and competent Quebec lawyers available for such an unusual case. There is, however, a chance it may all be over in the next month. But we have no guarantee.

Our total need, therefore is actually a minimum of $245,000, but we are not going to put that amount on our campaign thermometer for fear of overreaching what we can achieve at this time.  We are personally approaching individual persons regarding the legal expenses with the hope of gaining one or more large donations to cover that extraordinary expense. Nothing has materialized yet on that front.

So, Thursday, we begin with a delightful new 4 minute video about the impact our work has had on the culture in one of the many areas on which LifeSiteNews reports focus. You will enjoy this impressive LSN production.

For Life and family,

Steve Jalsevac
Managing Director

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