By Michael van der Mast, the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM, February 5, 2009 ( – The model of an unborn child carried in the annual March for Life in Amsterdam has caused a firestorm in Holland.  A photo of the tiny fetal model was pictured on the front page of the Dutch Christian newspaper “Het Nederlands Dagblad” in December after the march. The front-page coverage garnered other media attention, television interviews and even angry reactions in the House of Representatives of the Dutch government.

The two inch long model represents a fetus at ten weeks of actual length and weight. “At four weeks the heart of the unborn beats; the model shows that it is a child with hands, feet and a nose even able to bring its finger to its mouth” according to the Dutch pro-life group Cry for Life.

The secular Dutch press picked up rumors that Cry for Life intended to distribute the model to all homes and condemned the plan as hurtful to women who had had abortions, miscarriages or were not able to conceive.  

Infamous Dutch ‘abortion boat’ abortionist Rebecca Gomperts slammed the plan and the Dutch Association of Abortion Doctors fumed that the intended distribution was aggressive and “highly improper”.

Cry for Life President Bert Dorenbos appeared on one of the most popular shows on Dutch national television to defend his actions. Dorenbos explained that it was an educational measure to confront the more than 100 abortions taking place daily in the nation.

Labour Party member Chantal Gill’ard raised questions in the House of Representatives after seeing the show. She wanted to know the opinion of State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sport, Mrs. J. Bussemaker, about the intention to drop up to five million little dolls on the doormats of civilians.

Answering some weeks later, the State Secretary said she disagreed with the strategy but defended the pro-life group’s right to distribute the fetal models.

150 fetal models were sent to all Members of Parliament in mid December along with a copy for each Member of an explanatory letter and book containing women’s stories of their hurtful abortion experiences. 

Last month, Cry for Life received a phone call from the House of Representatives noting that the materials would not be forwarded to the Members, and would be destroyed if not retrieved by the group.

Last week Dorenbos wrote the Chair of the House of Representatives noting the lack of democratic freedom.  He noted that Cry for Life would continue to spread the truth about the life of the unborn in this “once so Christian country of tulips and windmills” where now there are one hundred abortions a day. 

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