by Steve Jalsevac

Steve Jalsevac  Please bear with us. This is longer but also more important than usual.

(, a prominent bioethics journal, and John Jalsevac’s Today’s story on an article in The Hastings Center Reporteditorial on the same (, should cause everyone to deeply question anew where the world is headed. These items are mandatory reading as far as we are concerned.

  John raises serious questions and explores the grave implications of recent developments such as the Groningen Protocol and the Hastings Center Report supporting the Protocol.

  Where is all this madness coming from?

  I would suggest that one major factor, as mentioned in LifeSiteNews many times in the past, is the world de-population movement. In order to meet their cynical goal of not just population control, but massive DE-POPULATION of the world to a far lower level, the anti-human elites have long realized radical, but sophisticated measures are necessary.

  The value of human life, the meaning of life, individual cultures, religious, political and most other freedoms, plus national sovereignty, must all be eliminated or at least radically denigrated. That is the only way to rid the world of, not millions, but billions of supposedly excess human beings, or what they call human “vermin”. And believe us, the de-populationists are very, very serious about actually doing this.

  How should we respond? Well, there are many things that must be done but ultimately, we believe, there is only one thing that can eventually defeat the powerful and misguided forces now in motion.

Greater awareness, better arguments, political action, more involvement in the media, education and many other institutions by pro-life, pro-family advocates all have a crucial role. However, none of these will achieve much until there is above all a great religious renewal – a renewal of understanding and commitment to the true meaning of life. This excludes the syncretic New Age religious movement advocated by the one-world de-populationists to especially undermine authentic Christianity.

Why Christianity? Simple. Christianity holds that every conceived human life is sacred and made in the image and likeness of God. Children are therefore understood to always be a gift from God. Christianity is also more open-minded to the concept that the world can accommodate many more people and that humans will continue to be inspired to find solutions to the problems of greater numbers without having to undermine human dignity.

  A large part of the success of the enemies of life has, however, been due to naivety, rampant cowardice, corruption, deathly weak responses and the desire to be respected or to be “nice”, or comfortable on the part of religious people and religious leaders. The defeat of the anti-life forces on the other hand, as in any monumental battles, must of necessity require great courage, a will to do persistent moral battle, regardless of any risks, selflessness, wisdom and trust in God – all in very short supply in recent decades among religious leaders and their flocks – with many notable exceptions.

  The enemies of life know the great power of religion (the power of trust in and fidelity to God) and that explains their growing persecution of religion lest the modern religious suddenly wake up from their slumber and take their calling and their free gift of grace seriously.

  What we are in the midst of now is vastly more death-causing than any of the great “isms” of history although also far more subtle and less obviously violent. The killings of unborn children are hidden in their mothers’ wombs and within the walls of clinics, hospitals or a pregnant woman’s home as the abortion pill works. The destruction of human embryos is invisible in the labs.

  The ill, disabled and “unwanted”, inconvenient born are increasingly killed by deliberate neglect, injection or withdrawal of food and water in hospitals under the direction of “respectable” doctors and nurses. This will soon turn into a tidal wave of new death as laws are changed.

  Third world poor are sent billions of condoms and unprincipled sex-ed programs that result in death from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases or at least weaken them to succumb to other diseases. These “family planning” programs breed sexual license and destroy cultures, families and the will to have families or to even live and are frequently given in place of desperately needed food and medical supplies.

  In the First World massive government, legal and institutional support is also given to explicit sex-ed programs and homosexualization measures. Media censorship of explicit sex is eliminated and all manner of vulgarity is permitted in media, public places and even in our schools. This all gradually causes the deadening of conscience and the destruction of marriage and the social foundation of family and religious life.

  The intended result is still fewer children and the shrugged off collateral damage of widespread sexually transmitted disease, lowered life expectancies, crushing loneliness, depression, suicides, drug abuse and a general loss of sense of purpose in life.

  It all seems quite depressing – but only to those who do nothing about it, or wrongly think that they can do nothing about it, or that God has nothing or little to do with the solution, or that He might not even exist or  cannot do anything. In fact, a loss of hope is a profound and serious denial of the reality of the existence of God and His power to resolve seemingly impossible situations – in His time. We believe, however, the world situation can be turned around very rapidly, if only religious people had the will.

  One person at a time, you can all be part of the solution, or shall we say, the counter-revolution. We at LifeSiteNews have great hope. That is why we are able to persevere for years in this work of providing the truth for our readers to take actions on.

What many see as bad news we often see as good news in that a light is finally being shone on things that were often previously hidden. You cannot fight or understand what you do not know about. If you don’t know your enemy, you cannot possibly defeat him. And, above all, we suggest that pro-life, pro-family people must trust in and use by far their greatest strength – their religious faith and principles – to eventually bring about that defeat.

The response is up to you and those to whom you forward our reports. The sick, elderly person in a nursing home has a role (prayer, voting, talking). The harassed mother at home with little children has a role, as has the high school student and the disabled and the educated and the uneducated, the poor, the wealthy, the politician at any level, religious leaders and so on.

Steve Jalsevac

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