OTTAWA, May 28, 2003 ( – Joining the homosexual activist group EGALE at a press conference yesterday, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe, MP and NDP leader Jack Layton expressed their unequivocal support for homosexual ‘marriage’.  Statements of support were also read from all 3 Liberal leadership candidates – Minister of Canadian Heritage Sheila Copps (who was represented at the Press Conference by the Senator Laurier Lapierre), Deputy Prime Minister. John Manley, and the run-away lead candidate for Liberal Leader, Paul Martin. A message in support of homosexual ‘marriage’ by Progressive Conservative Party leader Joe Clark was also read.  The House of Commons Justice and Human Rights Committee will be delivering its report on homosexual ‘marriage’ within weeks, and Justice Minister Martin Cauchon has until June 30 to decide whether or not to appeal a unanimous Court of Appeal judgment in B.C. which called for legal homosexual ‘marriage’.  While support for the controversial measure was not surprising from most of the Members of Parliament quoted, the comments from Paul Martin, a Catholic, were particularly disturbing especially since he will most likely be Canada’s next Prime Minister. The statement, which LifeSite confirmed with Martin’s office, read:  “Recently the Court of Appeal of British Columbia has found that legislation which reserves the rights and obligations of marriage only for opposite-sex couples fails to recognize fundamental equality rights. This decision was consistent with the findings of lower courts in Ontario and Quebec. The Ontario decision has been appealed to the Court of Appeal, which has already heard arguments and is currently writing its judgment.  “If that lower court decision is upheld, with the result that Courts of Appeal have clearly determined that this is a matter of rights, then, subject to further guidance on any remaining legal issues that will come with the Ontario court’s judgment, Parliament should act.  “That means no more appeals.  “That means, as the courts have suggested, legislating change and with the benefit of the recommendations from the Parliamentary Committee that has been studying the matter in detail.  “Any legislation should affirm that no church, synagogue, mosque or religious institution can be forced to act outside its faith.”  To express concerns to Paul Martin:  Room 458 Confederation Building House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Telephone: 613-992-4284 Fax: 613-992-4291 [email protected]