Top German Officials Intervene to Defeat Traditional Marriage in California

Coalition of 33 American organizations has formally complained to the German government
Thu Oct 30, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Susan Yoshihara

  NEW YORK, October 30, 2008 (C-FAM) – A coalition of 33 American organizations has formally complained to the German government about what they see as the interference of German diplomats in a domestic American electoral fight. They charge that German foreign ministry and justice officials are working to promote “same sex marriage” in the United States and are working to defeat a California voter initiative to defend traditional marriage. The initiative, Proposition 8, is a response to the California Supreme Court 4-3 decision in May to strike down a similar measure passed by majority vote of Californians in 2000 that defined marriage as exclusive to a man and woman. 

  German Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries campaigned recently in California to urge voters to follow the lead of Germany and the rest of Europe in promoting “same sex marriage” by defeating Proposition 8. According to the German Consulate in San Francisco, the justice minister’s lecture entitled, “Gay Marriage in Germany and California” at the “LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) Community Center,” was accompanied by meetings with human rights organizations, a visit to city hall to gather information regarding the California Supreme Court’s decision, and a meeting with one California legislator who awarded her a certificate for her work promoting the cause.  

  The visit was arranged by Germany’s Consul General in San Francisco, Rolf Schuette, who has been working with local homosexual rights activists in California to undermine Proposition 8 by linking those who defend traditional marriage to the Nazis. “From…the persecution of homosexuals under Nazis to today…full equality for gay and lesbian couples has not been achieved…there are forces which even would like to roll back what has been achieved,” Schuette said.

  According to the consul general’s office, Schuette has dedicated about a third of his speeches this year to promoting “same sex marriage.” In campaigning against Proposition 8 and promoting “No on Prop 8” the German officials join many Hollywood celebrities, corporate backers such as Google and Apple, and the California Teachers Association which donated one million dollars to defeat it.

  The coalition American pro-family organizations sent a letter of protest to German Minister of Foreign Relations, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Calling the “aggressive interference” by the Germans “scandalous,” the group complained that “a member of the German Foreign Service is interfering in a domestic matter of the United States that will be decided by American citizens.”

  Californians will vote on Proposition 8 as part of the California General Election ballot next week. The measure was initiated by and was originally entitled “California Marriage Protection Act,” before Attorney General Jerry Brown changed it to “Eliminates the Right of Same Sex Couples to Marry.”

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