By Gudrun Schultz

  ROME, Italy, February 23, 2007 ( –  Internationally respected journalist and writer Vittorio Messori recently delivered a scathing condemnation of top international NGOs, corporations and lobby groups for their entrenched anti-Catholicism, saying the organizations “hate Christianity out of nostalgia for paganism.”

  Speaking to the Italian newspaper “La Stampa,” Messori directed his accusations against the World Health Organization, homosexual rights activists, pharmaceutical corporations and environment organizations, calling them anti-Catholic “lobbies,” Catholic World News reported Feb.22.

“The actions of these influential pressure groups are not only directed against marriage and the family from the perspective of the faith, but also at any ethical and moral concern of the Church,” Messori said. He identified the WHO as a particularly virulent offender, saying it was a “politically correct” radical liberal organization promoting “contraception, abortion, and prenatal testing to eliminate fetuses with deformations.”

  Radical environmentalist groups promote an ideology closely linked to paganism and hostile to Catholic morality, he said, as do some Masonic organizations in Latin America.

  Messori’s list included “large homosexual organizations, many from the English-speaking world. Like all minorities, gays often fight among themselves in their communities, but especially in the US they overcome their disagreements through a practically unanimous aversion to ‘papist’ ethics.”

  As well, he pointed to the influence of the “colossal pharmaceutical industry” which draws massive revenue from the sale of contraceptive pills, condoms and other drugs that violate the Church’s moral teaching.

  Alongside attacks on the Church from hostile organizations, Messori said the Church is suffering assault from within. “Sometimes I have the impression that the Pope is a general without troops,” he said.

“Today we are witnessing a kind of hidden schism among believers who, without publicly showing it, in private do not obey the moral norms of the Church,” Messori said. “They are people who, if you ask them, say they are Catholic, they even go to Mass, but they do not follow the directives on sexual and family ethics. This includes everything from the use of contraceptives to the acceptance of divorce, living together outside marriage, homosexuality and even abortion.”

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