San Jose, CA, July 29, 2011 ( – On July 25, the California Medical Board issued an “interim suspension order” against a contract abortionist for Planned Parenthood.

Earlier this year, Doctor Jesse James Joplin had been placed on probation for seven years. The conditions of Joplin’s probation provided that he abstain completely from the use of alcohol, submit to random urine tests four times a month, submit to a psychiatric evaluation and undergo psychotherapy, submit to monitoring by an independent physician and not engage in the solo practice of medicine, not supervise physician assistants, and “obey all laws.”

The restrictions stemmed from a series of alcohol-related convictions dating back to 2007.

This is not the first time Joplin has been in trouble. His license was revoked in 1997 in connection with the death of one patient and the attempted abortion of a viable fetus on a 15-year-old girl, when state law prohibited abortions on viable fetuses. However, the revocation was stayed, and instead Joplin was placed on five years probation.

Joplin completed the conditions of his five-year probation, which required him to submit to an oral clinical exam in obstetrics and gynecology, subject himself to monitoring by another physician while on probation, complete 40 hours a year of continuing medical education, and submit to a psychiatric and a medical evaluation.

David Daleiden of Live Action pointed out that Joplin is Planned Parenthood’s highest paid abortionist, being paid $235,000/year according to their 2008 records.

“Think about it,” said Daleiden. “The highest-paid, star abortionist at the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country is a stoner and a lush who has a long history of medical malpractice. How bad must all the other ones be?”

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue noted that the Planned Parenthood facility where Joplin worked, Planned Parenthood-Mar Monte, “is the home of former Tiller late-term abortionist Susan Robinson, who is currently under investigation in New Mexico for her part in four botched abortions requiring emergency hospitalization over a 15 month period.”

Sullenger expressed relief that Joplin can no longer hurt women and their babies. However, she said she was disappointed that “an abortionist with a history of negligence spanning over two decades is allowed to practice as long as Joplin has.”

“While California has one of the best records of purging abortion quacks from the system, it has a long way to go in taking such action in a timely manner,” she added. Earlier this year, the California Medical Board forced the surrender of abortionist Andrew Rutland’s medical license.