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AUSTIN, Texas, May 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Campaign finance records reveal that top Texas Republicans, including Governor Abbott, have received thousands of dollars from a clinic that hosts a program offering “care” for children “transitioning” to a different gender.  

Transparency USA revealed campaign records which show that the Friends of UT Southwestern Center have donated more than $250K to many Texas Republicans. The clinic hosts the Gender Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support program. While this program does not offer sex-change surgery, it does offer “care” for children struggling with gender dysphoria. 

“Gender identity is unique for every child and may be different from the sex assigned to them at birth,” the website states. Programs for children suffering with gender dysphoria usually offer drugs aimed at supressing puberty, which can result in irreversible physical damage, including infertility. 

Since 2015, Governor Greg Abbott received $85,000, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, $120,000, and Rep. Stephanie Klick $4,000. In 2020, House Speaker Dade Phelan was given $50,000. 

Although Abbott recently signed a bill protecting unborn babies with heartbeats, he was reported to be in opposition to legislation protecting children by banning sex-change surgery or chemical castration. In a May 7th video on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller appealed to Abbott to support S.B. 1311, which would remove liability insurance for doctors preforming sex-change operations or chemical castrations on children. 

“I wish our governor, Greg Abbott, would use some of his political powers and political capital to get this [bill] moving,” said Miller. “He’s just silent on it, we need him to weigh in. I’m a statewide elected official, I’m the Ag Commissioner, but I’m weighing in. I think it’s that important.”

Similarly, Clarion News reported that Phelan declared a recess after reviewing S.B. 1311. According to Tracy Shannon, the Director of the Texas Mass Resistance activist group, Phelan’s decision basically destroyed the bill’s chance of being passed. 

Former U.S. House candidate, Chris Ekstrom, revealed to the National File that he believes that Patrick permitted S.B. 1311 to be passed in the Senate, knowing that it would be shut down by Phelan in the House. 

“I wish I could say I’m surprised that Dan Patrick is taking money from the chemical castration lobby,” said Ekstrom. “After the meeting, he promptly pushed it through the Senate, where it then died in the House, just like S.B. 1311. Is this déjà vu? $120,000 isn’t chump change, and apparently Dan knew which way the wind was blowing in the House.”

Likewise, former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, told National File that some Republicans worked in a “team effort” under Phelan’s leadership to kill the bill. 

 “The bill was slow-walked the entire way by Reps. Klick and Burrows, presumably under orders from the Speaker [Dade Phelan],” Rinaldi told National File. “The fact that House Republicans would work so hard to preserve sex change surgeries for minors is beyond contempt. The Texas GOP needs a housecleaning next primary.”