NEW YORK, NY, June 5, 2003 (C-Fam/ – The Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute reports that “on Tuesday, a high ranking UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) official called for the legalization of prostitution and for UNICEF to make condoms available ‘for everybody, everywhere and at all times.’ Speaking at the annual session of UNICEF’s Executive Board, Urban Jonsson, UNICEF Eastern and Southern African Regional Director, said that UNICEF would need to pursue such ‘controversial ideas…in the near future if we are to win the war against HIV/AIDS.’”  C-FAM reports that “Johsson urged that UNICEF take actions to ‘de-criminalise sex-work and facilitate the organisation of sex-workers.’” And claimed that “when sex-workers are organized they are in a stronger position to negotiate safer sex with their clients.”  LifeSite has reported for several years on UNICEF’s frequent duplicity and its co-implication in population contraceptive, abortion and other population control programs. This latest development revealed by C-FAM indicates that years of criticism have had no effect on the world organization’s determined and deadly anti-life, anti-family direction.

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