Topless Femen protester crudely mocks Trump at unveiling of wax figure in Spain

The women grabbed at the crotch area and shouted 'grab patriarchy by the balls.'
Thu Jan 19, 2017 - 1:25 pm EST
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A Donald Trump wax figure was unveiled at the Museo de Cera de Madrid in Spain.

MADRID, Spain, January 19, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A topless member of the Femen women’s rights group drew attention to herself and her exposed body when she mimicked a sexual assault on an effigy of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump that was unveiled Wednesday at the city’s wax museum.

Taking a page from Femen bare-bosomed demonstrations in North America and Europe, a buxom young woman burst in on a publicity event at the Museo de Cera de Madrid, and briefly clutched at the crotch area of its new wax effigy of Trump, as the video and still cameras of assembled journalists flashed and whirred.

The young woman repeatedly screamed “grab patriarchy by the balls” as she was chased around the museum’s foyer, displaying the same message scrawled across her upper chest, before being awkwardly ushered out of sight by museum officials.

Trump’s statue has taken its place among a panoply of historical figures and national and international celebrities offered by the 35-year-old museum. Meanwhile, Femen’s protest stunt has taken its place in the archives of YouTube and news sites across the Internet.

Femen’s website explained its latest act as a response to Trump’s salacious comments revealed “in a recording leaked last October” about fondling women improperly.  

Gonzalo Presa, the museum’s communications director, called the protest “unpleasant” and said the figure’s unveiling was intended as a “special welcome” to Trump timed to coincide with his inauguration. Artisans paid special attention to the president’s signature hairdo, he said. The women did not cause any damage.

Femen is a controversial group not only because it upstages politicians, church leaders and even racing car rally organizers by baring bosoms but because other feminists see these actions as ineffective and self-contradictory.

Canadian writer Toula Drimonis has complained, for example, that Femen “have proven to be a highly ineffective, divisive movement, quite counterproductive in their methods, and displaying a very particular brand of ‘white feminism’ that is often misguided and exclusionary.” Drimonis was particularly critical of Femen attacks on the dress practices of Muslim women.

Drimonis also called attention to “the questionable paradox of using your body to protest how the world sees and exploits your body.” Furthermore, she said, the news media concentrate wholly on the group’s nudity while ignoring its message.

Femen initially was organized in protest of prostitution in Ukraine and the export of Ukrainian women for sexual purposes. It grew into an attack on organized religion, fashion shows, and “the patriarchy.” Drimonis called Femen “a tiny fringe group with miniscule branches scattered around the world” that accomplishes nothing.


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