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January 2, 2014 ( – A topless protester with the notorious feminist group FEMEN disrupted Christmas Eve Mass in Cologne, Germany, jumping on top of the altar with the words “I am God” scrawled across her torso.

According to FEMEN’s website, the act was a protest “against the Vatican propaganda about criminalization of abortion.”

Cologne’s Cathedral is home to Cardinal Archbishop Joachuim Meisner, who was celebrating mass, and, according to local media, turned 80 that day.

The protester, 20-year-old Josephine Witt, was taken away by the Cathedral’s security. According to FEMEN, she is awaiting trial for disruption of religious ritual and could face up to three years of jail.

The group has warned the Catholic Church of “further retribution” if Witt is not released. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” they wrote.

Media report that FEMEN said the protest was also against the cardinal’s “sexist and patriarchal” positions.

As LSN has reported before, in a recent interview, Meisner encouraged women “to stay at home and bring three or four children into the world” to put an end Germany’s demographic crisis. 

Germany has Europe’s lowest birthrate, tied with Italy. 

Even leftist leaders condemned Witt’s actions. “The action by Femen in Cologne cathedral was disrespectful and an unnecessary disturbance of worshippers during a service,” said Volker Beck, religion spokesperson for the left-wing Green Party.

In a bizarre and disjointed post on their website about the incident, FEMEN wrote: “Europe, wake up, you have to be an idiot to take seriously these sermons parody inquisitors (sic). Everything smells of rot should be buried immediately (sic)! Long live woman (sic)! Long live the science (sic)!

FEMEN has made a name for itself around the world for staging a series of obscene topless protests, including one against Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard last April.

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