Toronto Cancels Canada Day Celebrations but “Gay Pride” Takes Place as Planned

Mon Jun 29, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

TORONTO, June 29, 2009 ( - Toronto's sordid display of homosexual licentiousness, the 'gay pride' parade, which annually features acts of public indecency, including full nudity, took place this weekend as planned; but Toronto city officials have announced that all city-run Canada Day events and celebrations, including the fireworks display, planned for July 1st have been cancelled due to the continuing strike by municipal workers, which has left many streets and city parks with an accumulation of rotting garbage.

Conservative blogger Joel Johannesen blasted the decision by Toronto's officials to abandon the celebration of Canada's 142nd birthday by canceling all city-run Canada Day events, "and those that required permits to take place on city property," and yet to allow the "Toronto Pride Week" event, which takes place on city property.

"According to Toronto's far-left mayor (David Miller), the liberal-left's own city of Toronto will not bother celebrating Canada Day this year," Johannesen remarked. "Too much bother, big labor union strikes, costs a lot, and basically, it's Toronto. Canada Day's not really 'about' Toronto and advancing liberalism and stuff. Canada Day Shmanada Day. Canada Shmanada."

Taking a direct jab at Mayor Miller, Johannesen observed, "I guess as mayor,  . . .  you really have to think about what's worth celebrating, which 'pride' trumps which, photo-ops, agendas, votes, and particularly in the case of our Shmanadian taxpayers' tax dollars, who it is you think Shmuckadian tax dollars are really all for."

Earlier this month the federal Conservative government gave Toronto $400,000 to be used to fund "Toronto Pride Week," under the guise of a tourism incentive, with Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism Diane Ablonczy saying, "The Government of Canada is proud to show its commitment to the tourism industry, particularly during this difficult economic period."

Executive Director of the Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC), Brian Rushfeldt, said at the time that it was shocking that a government with the name "Conservative" would give money to such an event.

The event is "not a gay parade, it's a sex parade … People are marching down the street nude and doing all kinds of things," Rushfeldt said.

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