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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — After women’s menstrual products began appearing in men’s washrooms at Toronto public library locations, a city resident blasted the move as a potential safety risk, saying that “nobody should have to deal with things like that when visiting a washroom.”

As it stands, all library locations have free menstrual products in women’s and men’s bathrooms.

The concerned Toronto resident contacted LifeSiteNews and provided a photo of a free menstrual product dispensing machine in the men’s washroom on the second floor of the Barbara Frum branch of the Toronto Public Library.

Tampon machine in a men’s bathroom at the Barbara Frum branch of the Toronto Public Library

He observed that offering the products in bathrooms raises safety concerns for women and men.

“I do think it’s rather weird to find them in the men’s washroom,” said the concerned resident, who asked not to be named due to fear of being threatened by LGBT activists who have advocated for menstrual products in men’s bathrooms.

The concerned resident told LifeSiteNews that he does not mind menstrual products being “available in the women’s washroom, especially since high school girls tend to visit libraries after school as a matter of convenience for them.”

“If somebody needs them, then that means they should be visiting the women’s washroom in my opinion. But if a biological woman is presenting herself as a man, then I could see women being put off or feeling threatened if a woman who looks like a man enters the women’s washroom. It’s a problem,” he said.

He observed to LifeSiteNews that he would not want to use “a urinal facing a wall and be surprised when I turn around to see a woman presenting herself as a man standing right behind while she accesses free period products.”

“That’s the arrangement in some branches. That would be too weird and given the violent behaviour associated with trans, I’d be concerned for my safety too especially if she perhaps saw a look of concern on my face and reacted negatively,” he said.

The concerned resident told LifeSiteNews that if the situation described above presented itself to him, he would be in a “closed room in a potential conflict situation that could easily escalate.”

“Nobody should have to deal with things like that when visiting a washroom. This problem could be addressed by having a family washroom option, but installing these may not be feasible in some branches,” he noted.

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable push in Western nations to actively promote gender ideology to young people, particularly in the United States and Canada.

This has led to governments at all levels actively going along with the demands of those involved in the LGBT agenda to have feminine hygiene products mandated in men’s bathrooms.

A new Canadian federal mandate under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came into effect on December 15, 2023, that forces Canadian federal workplaces, including military bases, to provide “menstruation kits” in men’s bathrooms to promote “inclusivity.”

Toronto library confirms ‘Inclusive Washrooms policy’ began this year

LifeSiteNews contacted the media department of the Toronto Public Library for comment about its washrooms and to confirm that feminine hygiene product dispensers are now in men’s washrooms.

“Regarding pads and tampons, we began offering free period products in all of our public washrooms earlier this year,” a spokesperson told LifeSiteNews.

The spokesperson would not comment on the concerned resident’s concerns. The Toronto Public Library’s listings of its branch locations clearly show that “Free Menstrual Products” are available in all washrooms.

The “Inclusive Washrooms policy” listed on its website notes that the library is “committed to achieving an environment that provides equitable access to staff and public washrooms for all Library Users, including equity-deserving groups, in a manner that promotes a welcoming and supportive environment free from discrimination and harassment.”

The “Inclusive Washrooms policy” also applies to “both staff and public washrooms that are operated by the Library and are within Library facilities.”

Trudeau’s Liberal government is fully on board with the LGBT agenda. Recently, it pledged $100 million in funding for LGBT activist groups, with much of the money focused on youth and on-the-ground initiatives.

In 2017, the Senate passed a transgender rights bill that adds “gender expression” and “gender identity” to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section.

Around the same time, federal public servants were forced to take a mandatory feminist “gender equality” course or face unspecified consequences.