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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — The Wychwood Barns Farmers Market in Toronto barred an unvaccinated man from entering the premises to buy food.

The interaction between the man and the market employees was caught on video (language warning):

The disgruntled would-be patron asked, “I need proof of vaccination?” He was told yes by an employee, to which he replied, “To get food in Canada?”

Throughout the conversation, the woman who was relaying the potentially illegal policy to the man shrugged her shoulders and told the man he could stand outside and make an order from there.

The unvaccinated man called the employees “fascist.”

A security guard threatened to call the police on the man for trespassing, and blamed “the government” for barring the man from entering the establishment.

Currently, under Ontario guidelines for the vaccine segregation system, proof of vaccination is not required by law “to make a retail purchase,” which includes buying food. Farmers markets may have eating areas where patrons can sit down to eat, which is an activity that requires proof of having taken an abortion-tainted COVID shot under the current regulations, but buying the food is not a part of dining in.

During the exchange between the employees and the patron who was denied access to the facility to buy food, an employee intimated that the space was actually a “performance and event space” which would fall under one of the industries that require a vaccine passport. However, the legislation is clear that exemptions to the passport system do apply for “[a] patron who is entering an indoor area” for the purpose of purchasing retail goods.

Even under the heightened restrictions that have been suggested to respond to the news of the omicron variant, industries with vaccine passport measures in place are still open, albeit with lower capacity limits.

Ontario is experiencing significant rises in cases associated with COVID, with only 19 percent being recorded among those who haven’t taken the abortion-tainted jab that is still in an experimental phase until 2023. Ontario is also reporting zero deaths related to COVID today.