TORONTO, Aug. 10 ( – National Post columnist Christie Blatchford reports today on a secret deal made by “Toronto Police senior command”  with the owners of homosexual bars. The agreement, which guarantees that Toronto police officers “will turn a blind eye to arguably illicit sex activity so long as it remains behind closed doors,” is “apparently firm enough that Crown lawyers believe it might give anyone charged with public sex offences in a gay bar a possible defence and preclude any chance of conviction,” writes Ms. Blatchford.  Suggesting that the Toronto police force is afraid of area homosexuals, Ms. Blatchford reports that requests have been made all the way up to the level of the Crown attorney to have charges dropped against individuals at the Bijou bar where homosexuals reportedly engage in various public sex acts.

According to Ms. Blatchford, changing legal definitions of what constitutes a “public” place make a prosecution almost impossible. Furthermore, the question of what constitutes “community policing” is also being debated.  One Toronto senior officer, said Ms. Blatchford,  is arguing that it means that “a 'community (such as the gay community) decides how it wants to be policed’ and that the tone of law enforcement should flow from that starting point.” This corruption of normal law enforcement standards in Canada’s largest city, if allowed to continue, could spread to other offences and communities across Canada.