TORONTO, Aug. 11 ( – The Toronto police are engaged in damage control following an expose in yesterday’s National Post of a secret deal between the force and homosexual bars which protects from prosecution those who engage in criminal public sex in gay bars. The Toronto Police Association has also issued a letter demanding the suspension of a Staff Inspector and Superintendent accused of interfering in a case in an attempt to have 19 charges dropped against gay bar patrons. Police chief David Boothby issued a statement claiming that “We do not make special arrangements or secret deals with anyone that would condone criminal behaviour.”

But Christie Blatchford, author of yesterday’s piece in NP, instead of backing off her original story, probes deeper into yesterday’s claims. “The Post revealed [yesterday] that Supt. [Aiden] Maher last week called on senior Toronto Crown attorney Paul Culver and asked him to drop the charges against patrons of a bar called the Bijou,” she writes today. Even more damning, she notes today that: “The Post has now learned that so entrenched is the force’s arrangement with the gay community that Supt. Maher brought with him on that visit a standard form …”