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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Nicolas Alexander, the older brother of 17-year-old student activist Josh Alexander, has been released after being arrested at a pro-family rally in Toronto last week.  

On September 22, Nicolas Alexander was released by Toronto police after being carted off by law enforcement with his face covered in blood after he was reportedly attacked by LGBT activists and Antifa members outside a Toronto high school during a pro-family protest that same day. 

“Nicolas Alexander has been released,” his father Matt Alexander posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Charges dropped. This is typical. Arrest the peaceful people and let the violent go free. If you people want to live in a safe and free nation then you better speak up.”

Nicolas’ brother Josh told LifeSiteNews that Nicolas was charged with “breaching the peace.” However, he revealed that, “like usual, the charges were proven false.”  

Video footage from the pro-family rally seems to show a LGBT protestor wrapped in a gay “pride” flag hit Nicolas. Following this, Toronto police are said to have asked the assailant, not Nicolas, if he was okay, despite Nicolas visibly bleeding.   

Following his arrest, Josh attempted to contact police to determine where his brother was being held. However, police hung up on Josh after revealing that Nicolas was in custody at the police station and refused to answer Josh’s further calls. Josh, along with members of his “Save Canada” team, arrived at the Toronto police station where they were locked out 

Along with Nicolas, police also arrested Bill Riddel, an elderly veteran, who refused to leave Nicolas after he was openly bleeding after being reportedly assaulted by LGBT protesters. According to Josh, Riddel has also been released and the charge of breaching the peace has been dropped.  

Despite the injury and his arrest, Nicolas seems as dedicated as ever to the pro-family cause.

“Yesterday I was attacked with an edged weapon, and unjustly arrested moments later,” he wrote on X. “We will continue to stand for what is right, and proclaim the gospel even in the face of terrorists & unions. Kneel to Christ, and him alone!”  

Josh told LifeSiteNews that none of Nicolas’ alleged assailants have been arrested.  

To respectfully contact the Toronto Police Service with any concerns please contact:

The Office of the Chief

Phone: 416-808-8000

Correction: Nicolas Alexander is Josh Alexander’s older brother, not his younger brother as LifeSiteNews previously reported.