TORONTO, Ontario, April 12, 2011 ( – Toronto Right to Life Association will kick-off a huge pro-adoption ad campaign on the city’s subway system next week, promoting adoption as a life-affirming alternative to abortion.


The ad campaign will involve 357 signs that will be displayed in subway cars throughout the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway routes starting April 18 and running for at least 28 days, Toronto Right to Life announced. 

Part of Life Canada’s ‘Adoption in Canada’ campaign, the ad simply quotes a birth mother stating, “I wanted my baby to have a mom and a dad” and directs viewers to for more information and stories.

“This is the first time that we’ve done this,” Paul Klotz, Executive Director of Toronto Right to Life told LifeSiteNews. “The public needs to be more aware of and think more about the positive alternatives to the horrible tragedy of abortion.” 

“We chose this method of raising awareness of such a life-protecting alternative because so many people take the subway in downtown Toronto and in this way we could ensure that this message would be seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters of all ages.  Even older people can encourage their children and grandchildren who may be considering an abortion to think about adoption,” said Klotz.

For more information about Toronto Right to Life and their work, visit their website.