TORONTO, Nov 15 ( A draft human rights policy set for approval by the Toronto District Board of Education, while it claims to prohibit discrimination, is likely to suppress the expression of traditional religious beliefs held by any students or staff. The board policy says that discrimination based on 14 grounds would be absolutely banned for students, staff trustees and any other individual entering school property. While the ban suggests that discrimination based on “religion” would be prohibited, it also includes a ban on “homophobic behaviour” 

Pro-family observers warn that the policy would punish any expression of traditional religious beliefs on homosexuality. Views on homosexual sex as expressed by Moslem, Orthodox Jewish, faithful Christian or other religious traditions which regard the behaviour as disordered and harmful to personal and community life would be banned by the board’s new policy. Thus, rather than an anti-discrimination policy, the school boards proposal, if accepted, will entrench discrimination against traditional religious faith. 

With files from The Toronto Star.