TORONTO, Aug 16 ( – Many Christians in and around Toronto were appalled when they discovered that the so-called “Catholic” hospital of St. Michael’s had become a “bronze-level sponsor” of Toronto’s Gay Pride Week ‘99. However, new revelations hold a clue to the hospital’s peculiar manoeuvre.

Following a government sponsored move to integrate St. Michael’s and Wellesley hospitals,  homosexual activists were outraged, fearing that the “Catholic” hospital would be intolerant of their behaviour. The homosexualists picketed the hospital and spray-painted its walls in order to intimidate the administration. St. Michael’s Hospital countered that the provincial government has designated St. Michael’s as a leader in treatment and research of AIDS and HIV.

A few weeks later in June, Catholics in Toronto were shocked to learn of the large-scale sponsorship by St. Mike’s of the Gay Pride Week. Interestingly, on March 15, just prior to the sponsorship announcement, St. Michael’s Hospital President and CEO Jeff Lozon was appointed as Deputy Minister of Health for the province of Ontario for one year. It seems the Ontario government has wrested control of the once-Catholic hospital from the good Sisters of St. Joseph.