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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne attends Toronto Pride with her same-sex partner Jane Rounthwaite in 2015.Ontario Liberal Party / Flickr

TORONTO, January 4, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Often considered a bastion of liberalism and the vanguard of leftist ideology, even the Toronto Star has abandoned the sinking ship of Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government, declaring her a “loser” in 2015 for, among other things, forcing a hugely controversial sex-ed program on schools.

The Star’s move is even more noteworthy given that Wynne had made the list of winners the previous year.

In the Star’s own words:

Kathleen Wynne: A winner last year, the now-embattled Ontario premier spent the year embroiled in controversies over the sale of Hydro One, teacher strikes, sex education programs and more. Barely 21 per cent of voters polled recently approved of her job performance.

Wynne’s sex-ed program sparked numerous large protests throughout 2015, including a measurable decrease in school attendance in some areas. Parents have objected to the program’s promotion of a liberalized sexual ideology that divorces sexuality from marriage and makes pleasure the primary purpose of sex.

The program teaches children from grade 1, in co-ed classrooms, to become familiar with their own sexual organs and those of the opposite sex. Later, it gives explicit information about how the sexual organs fit together, about how to make sexual “plans,” about how to properly use contraception to avoid becoming pregnant, and about giving “consent” to someone asking for sex. Critics have also noted that the program never uses the words “love,” “responsibility,” “commitment,” or “marriage” in relation to sexual activity.

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC) called Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum one of five pivotal moments in 2015 that negatively impacted Canadian families. It gave the Ontario government an “F” for its forced implementation of the program.

“Large numbers of parents concerned about the age appropriateness of the material have protested publicly, signed petitions and pulled their children out of classes, and this continues. It’s not just about age appropriateness,” stated the IMFC in a December 30 press release.

“Other parents take issue with the values quietly promoted – there is no mention of love or marriage, for example, only consent. The curriculum also does a weak job teaching health, and makes no mention about the dangers of porn,” it stated.

Parents as First Educators commented that the Star’s assessment of Wynne provides “even more reinforcement that Wynne's popularity is dropping and Sex-Ed is one of the reasons why.”