TORONTO, July 30, 2001 ( – Justin Trudeau, a son of recently deceased former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was a featured speaker at a major kick-off event for the World Youth Day to be held in Toronto on July 27, 2002. Trudeau received loud cheers for his speech, which ended with comments that caused concern among some of the youth in the crowd preparing to receive Pope John-Paul II next year.

The July 29 Toronto Star reported that “Trudeau recounted his struggles with the strict tenets of Catholicism.” He slowly started to rediscover his own religion and said, “Church isn't about rules. It's about guidance.”

He urged the youth present to reject “old men with old ideas. It's time to change our world and it starts tonight.”

Justin's father, Pierre Trudeau, practiced his own very personal brand of Catholicism which allowed him to justify making changes in law and policy that greatly helped to cripple Canada's Christian moral culture. Pierre Trudeau's changes co-operated with other forces to bring about a rapid increase in abortions, divorces and homosexual activism in Canada and brought about a general liberal social revolution.

Some pro-life, pro-family leaders fear that his sons may share their father's views and be recruited by influential persons to continue the very destructive Trudeau social revolution.

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