TORONTO, July 10, 2012 ( – A Progressive Conservative member of Ontario’s provincial parliament, well known for his pro-life and pro-family stand, his issued a scathing criticism of Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, calling the Premier to task for exhibiting a “blatant disrespect” for democracy.

In his recent newsletter, “Dalton McGuinty’s Major Minority,” MPP Frank Klees (Newmarket-Aurora) points to a list of issues that were voted on and passed in the legislature by a combined vote of the PCs and the NDP but which Klees said Dalton McGuinty simply chose to ignore.

Klees notes, “While the fall of dictatorships around the world makes headlines and pundits report that the new democracies will empower millions through their new-found right to vote, what goes unnoticed is the erosion of democracy in our own legislature.”


Klees argues that McGuinty gave a hint to his intended actions after the last election denied the Liberal Party another majority government, when McGuinty said he would be heading up a “major minority.”

“The term had a confusing ring and no one knew what the Premier meant when he made this rather odd pronouncement,” said Klees. “It would not be long though, before his actions would define his carefully chosen words.”

Klees argues that McGuinty has so far ignored a vote to remove HST from hydro bills, and another to “investigate the Ornge Air Ambulance scandal.”

But it is for the process by which Bill 13 was passed that Klees reserves some of his strongest criticisms.

“Bill 13, the government’s anti bullying legislation, is another disturbing example of the McGuinty government’s lack of respect for the democratic process,” Klees said.

“An essential step in the development of legislation are public hearings, where stakeholders and the public have the opportunity to give input and propose amendments. After three weeks of public hearings, ninety delegations had made submissions to the committee. Eighty percent of those submissions opposed the legislation as it was written. Parents, students, anti-bullying coalitions and faith groups, pleaded their case and proposed reasonable amendments that would remove divisive sections of the legislation and strengthen the anti-bullying provisions.”

“Those delegations were ignored. Their proposed amendments were dismissed outright,” Klees stated.

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