NEW YORK, Mar 5 (  At a meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) this week UN feminists argued against the right of medical practitioners to use conscientious objection as a valid reason for refusing to participate in abortions and abortion-related procedures.

Reporting from the meeting, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute noted that the UN feminists were once again pushing for abortion on demand. They were demanding access for women to abortifacients under the guise of “emergency contraception” and called for the elimination of “unsafe abortion” by legalizing it, instead of banning it.

CAFHRI notes that the document being produced calls for governments to “ensure that women are not deprived of their right to health services on the basis of conscience clauses cited by health providers.” Conscience clauses protect those health providers who object to abortion from being forced to participate without losing their positions.

The threatening conscience quote is contained in a UN press release.