FAIRPORT, New York, June 6, 2011 ( – Volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) were attacked while peacefully demonstrating in support for marriage in Fairport, New York, on June 2.


Watch a video of the attack here.

The group was peacefully holding signs in support of marriage and distributing flyers titled “10 Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Is Harmful and Must Be Opposed.” The pamphlet calls on New Yorkers to firmly and peacefully resist the advance of the gay rights movement.

Young demonstrators were approached by a pro-homosexual man who knocked down and tore to pieces the group’s thirteen foot long banner, inscribed with the words “God’s Marriage = 1 Man & 1 Woman.”

Immediately afterward, the man threatened to destroy the group’s camera. “I’ll smash your camera,” he said.

Approaching another TFP volunteer who was holding a sign that read “Honk for Traditional Marriage,” the man said: “Are you going to give me your sign, or do I need to rip it up too!?”

During the same demonstration, a passerby in a moving vehicle threw a beer bottle at TFP volunteer Michael Shibler. The glass bottle hit him on the forehead, causing it to swell and bleed. Local police are investigating both incidents.

“These bully tactics do not even slightly dampen my resolve to continue promoting the truth about marriage in charity. Our cause is noble and we will win,” said Shibler.

“Some say that same-sex ‘marriage’ doesn’t harm or affect anybody. Well, I think my throbbing forehead is a good example of how it does harm people. Anti-family proponents would like to completely silence my first amendment right to free speech,” he said. “While demanding tolerance for what they call ‘diversity,’ they are utterly intolerant of opposing viewpoints.”

TFP is a Catholic organization rooted in a mission to fighting what they call the “Culture War” in the front lines, by peacefully defending the values of tradition, family and private ownership.