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Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv.@trustednerd / Twitter

VANCOUVER, July 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A young woman, allegedly victimized by transgender activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv with sexually inapprorpiate online interactions beginning when she was 14 years old, has filed an offical complaint aginst him.

This is only the latest revelation regarding the now famous trans activist, who has lodged discrimination complaints against 16 beauticians for refusing to wax his male genitals, sought to host “topless” LGBT swim parties for “people aged 12+” at a public pool while demanding that parents be prohibited, sued people for referring to him as a “male,” and has gained noteriety for his fixation with wanting to encounter menstruating girls in public bathrooms.

And while he now likes to describe himself as a lesbian, Yaniv’s reported online activity reflects an interest in young teenage girls that predated his interest in transgenderism. The fact that he now calls himself a “proud lesbian” is indicative of his continued interest in females.

Yaniv’s online pursuits explode the popular but incorrect perception that all men who identify as women are homosexual.   

“BREAKING: Jessica Rumpel, @HyperJesserz, the young woman who J. Yaniv engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviours with when she was between the ages of 14 and 15, has confirmed she has filed a child exploitation report against Yaniv with CyberTip on the incidents,” tweeted The Post Millenial’s  Anna Slatz.

“This guy is known to be going into girl’s bathrooms and asking about periods and pads,” wrote Rumpel in a Facebook posting. “I remember being 15 and he was asking me so many questions about periods, how to put a pad or tampon on and how to go into girl’s bathroom without freaking chicks out.”

Rumpel said Yaniv was nearly twice her age at the time.

“This guy hit on me, it was f—— gross,” wrote Rumpel. “He talked to me in an Elmo voice and it now just gives me the creeps. He even told me ‘I wanna have sex with girls under 18 because they seem to be more tighter.’” 

“Ok you just confessed to me you like having sex with underaged girls when you’re almost in your 30s,” continued Rumpel.

“Around 2016-ish he was doing the same thing to other young girls who were actually way younger than me,” said Rumpel. “I found some that were 13, even … 12 years old, and these girls told me that he lied about his age.”

Rumpel said she stood up for the girls Yaniv was preying on. “I called him out on his b——-,” said Rumpel. “He blocked me right away and said I betrayed him.”

“Now in 2019 he became transgender and turned into a female and his name is now Jessica,” noted Rumpel. “I honestly saw that one coming with the whole pads and wanting to go into ladies bathroom, and harass young girls in the bathrooms.” 

“All I really want to say is beware please,” said the concerned young women. “I wish I can do something about this right now. I tried so hard in the past but just got blocked and I was the one who got in trouble.”

Rumpel has shared with The Post Millennial and on Facebook screenshots of some of her text conversations with Yaniv, dating back to 2015. Some of these display Yaniv’s sexual interest in the young girl, while others reveal his strange menstruation and tampon fetish.

Warning: These exchanges contain offensive language.

Rumpel has shared other samplings of her interchanges with Yaniv, but some are too graphic to be shared by LifeSiteNews.

Lianne Lawrence, LifeSiteNews’s Canadian correspondent, wrote earlier this week that

“Allegations that Yaniv used his self-declared ‘female’ status to contact young girls surfaced in October 2018 on the Gender Trender blog and is now archived on”

Her report continues:

Gender Trender alleged that in May, June, and July of 2018, a number of teenage girls took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to claim Yaniv “pretended to be transgender” in order to access private Facebook groups for adolescent girls “where he spewed his creepy sexual fetishes about young women, menstruation, toilet and locker room fantasies.”

Gender Trender published screenshots allegedly from Yaniv which are now easily accessed on the Internet.

“If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many would you say are out there changing with their vaginas and t*ts out?” Yaniv wonders in one message. “Do you ever see t*ts or p*ssy?” he asks in another.

“If she wants a tampon though, should i give her one and instruct her on how to use it?… like, would i go into the stall with her and help her? that sounds so weird,” he ponders in another message.

“[H]ave you ever seen a tampon string hanging out of another girls thing?” he asks in another post. “Is it weird to ask a 10 year old for a tampon?” he asks yet again.

Yaniv runs the Vancouver-based tech consulting business Trusted Nerd — where he reviews sex toys.