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(LifeSiteNews) — Gender-confused TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney entered yet another paid partnership with a major business, this time to model sports bras for the athletic brand Nike.

The young man — who has been making headlines for over a year thanks to his infamous “days of girlhood” TikTok series documenting his so-called gender transition — recently cut a deal with Nike to help advertise the brand’s women’s clothing line.

The promotional clip circulating on social media shows Mulvaney dressed in Nike leggings and a sports bra, smiling as he awkwardly dances back and forth in a one-man kick line.

British detransitioner Oli London, who came full circle in his identity confusion after finding God, contributed to the wide circulation of the 20-second video, commenting that it is “another day, another company slapping all women in the face by mocking them and paying a man to take their place!”

In a series of Instagram photos, Mulvaney is seen in the same outfit, striking different stretching and relaxation poses. The caption on the post reads, “home for a moment and leaning into cozy workout wear life with @nikewomen’s newest Zenvy leggings and Alate bra! They’re so comfortable and buttery soft, perfect for workouts and everyday wear!”

London also noted that Nike “treats men like Dylan Mulvaney that pretend to be women better than it treats women.” He continued, “Nike Brand Ambassador and Model + 10 x Olympic Medalist Allyson Felix got pregnant. Nike then offered her 70% less pay than her original contract with the brand and gave her no guarantees of paying her if her performance as a brand ambassador declined during her pregnancy and gave her no maternity protections.”

But London is not the only person criticizing Nike for belittling women by asking a man to promote feminine products. Conservative journalist Ian Miles Cheong continued the detransitioner’s point, saying that “woke white liberals are cheering on Nike for hiring Dylan Mulvaney but they’re completely silent over the fact that Nike basically fired a black female brand ambassador for being pregnant.”

Feminist writer Meghan Murphy, who has consistently spoken out against transgenderism in Canada, asked “why so many corporations are suddenly using/paying Dylan Mulvaney to promote their products” and “why @nike thinks women would want to buy clothing made for women but modeled on a male body?”

Conservative commentator Tim Pool, who also has a history of calling out the lies of the LGBT agenda, sarcastically told “women [to] buy Nike products and you too can look like Dylan.”

Nike’s decision to use a man to promote women’s clothes comes days after Mulvaney was given a promotional deal with Bud Light, sparking tremendous backlash and leaving the public demanding a boycott of both brands. The beer company launched its newest ad with Mulvaney less than a week after the gender-confused man was featured in a promotional video for prominent fashion business Kate Spade New York, modeling a woman’s outfit to showcase the brand’s 2023 spring clothing line.

U.S. President Joe Biden, an outspoken supporter of the LGBT movement, also endorsed the influencer’s charade by inviting him to the White House to discuss access to mutilating medical intervention for gender-confused individuals. When Mulvaney reached “365 days of being a girl” in March, Vice President Kamala Harris sent him a letter of congratulations.