TransformDJs’ electronic dance music pumps up youth at March for Life rally

The pro-life band hopes to inspire to young people into action for the unborn.
Mon Jan 30, 2017 - 9:01 am EST
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TransformDJs perform at the 2017 March for Life Youth Rally in Washington, D.C. Fr. Mark Hodges / LifeSiteNews

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 30, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The March for Life is a time for pro-lifers to "rally the troops," informing and encouraging one another as we seek to end to abortion. The day before the march, dozens of educational presentations and morale sessions take place, the largest perhaps the Youth Rally.

Everyone in the vicinity could hear the March for Life Youth Rally, because Denver's Electronic Dance Music (EDM) group TransformDJs kicked the party off with heart-thumping music that reverberated throughout the exhibit floor.

Dancers leaped, flipped, and waved to incite the enthusiastic crowd to "jump to the music" as DJs spun tracks in front of a banner displaying the theme of the March, "The Power of One."

TransformDJs opened and closed the rally. Leader Jonathan Burgess, a husband and father of four, exhorted the young people — from expressing joy through dancing to provoking conviction about abortion, and finally into worship.

"We were absolutely amazed. The kids were great. It was a huge party," Burgess told LifeSiteNews afterward. "We were mourning for those who we've lost already, but we're celebrating the abolition of abortion."

"The pro-life movement needs youth because, obviously, they are our future. But more importantly, young people aren't stuck in old ways," Burgess explained.  "They're open to new ideas, new things, new life, new invigoration, and they're creative. Through the arts and through things that we think are super important, we know that a mass movement can happen.

"For every movement, there are songs. And so we want to be part of the songs of this movement."

Indeed, TransformDJs has already become influential as songwriters for the Pro-life generation. Their new album, "Never Alone," features a pro-life EDM anthem, "Voices," with the lyrics, "We are the voices, screaming for the voiceless.  Won't stand here any longer; Our voice is getting stronger."

"It's a song about honoring the kids who've been aborted and never had a chance to cast a voice," band member Luke Bodley shared.

"Fight for the speechless," the song exhorts. "Defend the weakest. Bring forth our greatest effort. We won't let you down."

TransformDJs' pro-life music video "The Willing Vessel" has also been getting a lot of attention. The powerful video shows the story of an outcast, pregnant young woman who sees a vision of her baby and flees the abortuary.

“The Willing Vessel” video can be seen here.  

"We want to inspire the young generation not just to have a pro-life position but to ask this question: 'What does it mean for me to love my neighbor?'” Burgess said.  “Not only to be a voice, but to go to the clinics, to go to the front lines, to be a voice all the time. There really is no other option."

The Christian Beat lists TransformDJs' latest gigs, including a 10-day tour in Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa, as well as more than a dozen Christian music festivals throughout the world.

Four songs from Never Alone are available for free download at

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