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Warning: This story includes some graphic and disturbing descriptions.

November 21, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Dana Rivers, a “male-to-female” transgender activist who was once an “honorary marshal” for San Francisco’s annual homosexual “pride” parade, was arrested earlier this month on triple-murder charges in Oakland, Calif.

The Sacramento Bee reported Nov. 16:

“Dana Rivers, 61, of San Jose was arrested early Friday in Oakland on suspicion of killing Patricia Wright, 57; Wright’s wife, Charlotte Reed, 56; and the couple’s 19-year-old son, Toto Diambu-Wright. Police said the two women were both stabbed and shot, and the man was stabbed. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

“Police said Rivers was covered in blood and about to ride away on Reed’s motorcycle when she was arrested.”

Rivers, formerly David Wakefield, became a “transgender” activist in 1999 after getting national attention for being suspended from his high school teaching job for arriving in the new school year dressed and living as a “woman” and affirming his new “female” identity to students.

Triple-murderer joins child-porn ex-convict

Rivers joins Larry Brinkin, convicted of possessing child porn involving babies, among the disgraced honorary marshals at the San Francisco homosexual parade. Brinkin was arrested in 2012 “after police say they caught him in possession of graphic images of toddlers engaged in lewd acts of sodomy and oral sex,” LifeSiteNews reported.

As CNSNews reported in 2014 [warning: graphic and revolting content]:

“In e-mails attributed to Brinkin using the account “[email protected],” he praised interracial adult-child sex saying, in one message, “I loved especially the [N-word] 2 year old getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond bitch is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D— Rules!”

Brinkin served 22 years on the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and was so esteemed for his homosexual advocacy work that upon his retirement in 2010 the city’s Board of Supervisors honored him by passing a resolution declaring the first seven days of February 2010 “Larry Brinkin Week.”

In January 2014, Brinkin pleaded guilty to charges of possession of child pornography and received a sentence of just “six months in county jail, six months of home detention, five years of probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Dana Rivers and Brinkin: LGBT heroes

Here is the San Francisco Chronicle’s June 2000 description of Dana Rivers after he (“she”) was selected as “Honorary Marshal” for the city’s homosexual “pride” parade:

“Dana Rivers thought she was making the world a better place as a history and broadcast journalism teacher at Center High School, just outside Sacramento.

“Back then, she was David Warfield. But some parents freaked out when they learned she'd be returning to school in the fall as a woman.

“Forced to resign, Rivers is now an activist on transgender issues. She hopes she's a role model, proving that “we're not drag queens,” she said, but responsible adults who have jobs, own houses and want to make a difference.”

As it turned out, Rivers, the former David Warfield, was no mere “responsible adult” and certainly not a role model for youth.

Here is more from the Sacramento Bee on Rivers with our gender corrections in brackets:

“In 1990, after moving back to Northern California and earning a teaching credential, Rivers got a job at Center High School. She [he] was suspended in 1999 and eventually resigned.

“Rivers, who had started hormone therapy, had been accused by the board of trustees of inappropriately discussing her [his] gender transition with students. She [he] later accepted a $150,000 settlement from the district.

“By 2001, at 45 years old, Rivers was living in the South Bay and had followed intensive hormonal therapy with complex surgery to create female sex organs. She [he] was working on a book and was an activist for transgender people like herself.”

Pro-pedophiles and Catholic nun-mocking

Besides Rivers and Brinkin, here are some other reports from past San Francisco homosexual “pride” parades with extreme and hateful records:

Harry Hay, honored 1982 and 1999 – This homosexual icon who first conceived of homosexuals (“gays”) as political and cultural minority: According to a sympathetic Wikipedia account, Hay “was the featured speaker at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade in 1982, and Grand Marshal of the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade in 1986.”

The San Francisco Chronicle in its obituary of Hay called him a “gay rights pioneer” as founder of the Mattachine Society, the first “gay rights” organization in the United States.  The newspaper also reported “Mr. Hay and his partner of 39 years, John Burnside, moved to San Francisco in 1999, the same year Mr. Hay was honored as grand marshal in the city's Gay Pride Parade.”

California Catholic Daily reports:

“In a 1983 New York University forum, Hay had said “If the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.”

Hay defended the right of the notorious homosexual pedophile group NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) to march in the 1986 Los Angeles homosexual “pride” parade, marching while wearing a sandwich board that read, “NAMBLA Marches with Me.”

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – 2001: “Grand marshals” of San Francisco Pride, this anti-Catholic group is composed of homosexual male “drag queens’ with white faces who go out of their way to mock religion and especially Roman Catholic nuns, often with perverse, sodomitic sexual double entendres. Every year on Easter Sunday, the “Sisters” sponsor a “Hunky Jesus” contest in a San Francisco park in which men dressed in “cross” costumes mock Christ and Christianity. The “Sisters” also sponsor the annual, sadomasochistic annual “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco. The “fair” features open full nudity and even deviant sex acts in public.