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(LifeSiteNews) — Sixteen years after the media began promotingJazz Jennings,” a gender-confused male and his “transition,” the celebrity continues to struggle with mental health, further undermining the claims by LGBT activists that more surgeries and drugs can help someone who struggles with gender dysphoria. Jennings first declared himself transgender at the age of 5 and a book, “I Am Jazz,” champions his story of “transitioning” to female.

“I don’t feel like me, ever,” Jennings revealed in a recent episode on TLC. The clip shows Jenning, now at Harvard University, crying on his bed and expressing mental anguish.

Jennings has had numerous rounds of hormone treatments and “sex-change” surgeries.

“I really want to understand myself,” Jennings says in one cutaway. He admits he is “breaking down” and “spiraling into negativity.”

“I just want to feel like myself, “Jennings says through years in one scene. Jennings remains an outspoken advocate for injecting kids with drugs and encouraging them to remove healthy body organs through surgical mutilation.

However, his story adds to a growing body of evidence that affirms that so-called “gender-affirming care” does not provide long-lasting benefits and does not improve mental health. It is not possible for someone to change his or her sex, but even putting aside biological reality, the evidence shows that the claimed benefits of such transgender drugs and surgeries fail to provide what is promised.

Consider the stories of “detransitioners” such as Chloe Cole, who has testified to the anguish she felt and now faces because a medical professional operated on her breasts and she will never be able to breastfeed. A National Institutes of Health study also recently revealed that at least two participants committed suicide after taking hormone interventions.

I realized the beauty of motherhood was stolen from me by medical professionals who my family entrusted me to,” Cole has stated. “A child does not, in fact, know who they are at 12 years old. I realized that I wanted to be what I always was, and forever will be: a woman.” 

It almost killed me, as it has killed many who regret transition,” Cole has warned.