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(LifeSiteNews) — Male athletes have once again sparked outrage for dominating a female competition, this time a championship cycling race that recently took place in Illinois. 

On Sunday, December 3, two gender-confused males who were registered as women in the Illinois State Cyclocross Championship claimed the first and second places in the race. The event was the culmination of the Chicago CycloCross Cup and took place at Montrose Beach. “Tessa” Johnson and “Evelyn” Williamson topped the competition. Kristin Chalmers, an actual female, came in third place after the two men. 

The story was spread on X, formerly Twitter, by an unnamed female cyclist whose social media bio reads, “a man wearing a women’s team kit is still a man.” She noted that Johnson won first in both the women’s ½ race and the single speed category, while Williamson took second in the latter. 

Tagging the national USA Cycling organization, the female athlete wrote, “I wonder why these women’s fields are so small. Do you think women are tired of racing against men like this?” 

Joining the anonymous female athlete in her criticism, women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines posted on X that the competition “has 2 categories for men and none for women.” She also offered to “personally pay the prize money they’re missing out on,” referring to “any woman who concedes and doesn’t compete” and encouraging them to “stop participating in the farce.” 

The scandal comes barely a month after another gender-confused male athlete took first place in a Massachusetts cycling event. “Catherine” Barnwell dominated against eight female athletes in one race and placed 18th out of 22 in a separate race. 

As the LGBT agenda continues to hijack women’s sports in the United States, Canada, and other Western countries, recent initiatives across the globe have responded to transgenderism by changing rules to restrict women’s athletic competitions to genuine female competitors.  

In recent months, Alaska has become the latest state to move to ban gender-confused males from competing against biological females, and the International Cricket Council has prohibited males who have gone through puberty from engaging in athletic competitions against women and girls. 


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