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Gender-confused powerlifter 'Anne' AndresInstagram

(LifeSiteNews) — An Albertan male powerlifter who believes he is a woman wished a “painful death” and eternal damnation to a female competitor.

In a February 25 Instagram post, the gender-confused male powerlifter, who goes by the name of “Anne” Andres, ranted about why men should be able to compete in women’s competitions, calling for “the Ontario lifter” who opposes this, apparently referring to powerlifter April Hutchinson, to “die painfully.”

“Anyone who supports the Ontario lifter and is just as f—- up as she is,” he wrote in the video caption that accompanied eight videos of Andres screaming against anyone who opposes him competing against women.

“May your generation die painfully and leave the youth to inherit a better world,” Andres declared.

Andres’ post included screaming against Hutchinson, whom he calls an unnamed Ontario lifter, in addition to comparing allowing men to compete against women to allowing black people to compete in sports.

He also ranted against Alberta Premier Danielle Smith, who recently promised to introduce legislation to keep men from competing against women.

“There is no hell, but times like this I wish there was so you [Hutchinson] and Smith can spend eternity suffering,” he wrote.

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Andres’ threats comes after Hutchinson publicly condemned him for stealing victories from women and then mocking his female competitors on social media. However, instead of defending women, the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) suspended Hutchinson for two years for voicing her concerns.

Following the release of Andres’ videos, Hutchinson contacted police to investigate the threats made against her. 

While Andres does not explicitly name Hutchinson, in the initial video he addresses “the Ontario lifter that I would never name because that would be bullying,” before cursing her and wishing death upon her.

Similarly, in the caption, Andres says “that f—- terrible human being from Ontario makes profits off of hate.”

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However, even Andres himself has admitted that biological males have an advantage over females in powerlifting, saying, “While the science does appear pretty clear that transgender women [sic] athletes do appear to have a sustained advantage having gone through male puberty, even after having testosterone-blocking surgery, that’s not the conversation we’re having here.”

Indeed, scientific research continues to reaffirm that males have an edge over females in sports due to their physical capabilities, which are not eliminated by cross-sex hormones.

Competing in the women’s category, Andres set the national record at a championship in Brandon, Manitoba, at the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s 2023 Western Canadian Championship after out-lifting the females in the category by over 200 kilograms. He won first place in the Female Masters Unequipped category, as recently reported by LifeSiteNews.

However, shortly after his win, the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) warned the CPU that Andres, a man, would be suspended if he continues to compete against women, as him competing violated the IPF policy that “transgender”-identifying athletes must present identification proving they have identified as the opposite sex for at least four years prior to competing against women. The gender-confused male must also prove he has a lowered testosterone level.