MIDDLESBOROUGH, UK, October 22, 2013 ( – A twenty-nine-year-old man living as a woman has been expelled from the social club where he had previously been a member after a series of disturbing incidents in the women’s restroom, reports the UK Mirror.

Keith Tonkin, who was previously nearly 300 lbs., but slimmed down to 125 lbs. to start living as “Hinoi,” was suspended from the private club after a confrontation with a woman in the restroom that ended with him hurling expletives at female clubgoers and repeatedly hitting his head against a bathroom stall wall until he collapsed. 

“I admit nutting my head off the wall in the ladies toilet hoping it would cause enough damage that I would not come around,” Tonkin told the Mirror.  “I know it was the wrong way to deal with it but I was desperate.  I am a girl and I always have been. It’s just that I was born with a disability.”

It is unclear exactly what drove Tonkin to harm himself that night, but he complained to the Mirror that he felt singled out as the only “transgender” member of the club.


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“In the past I have been blamed for urinating on the seats in the women’s toilets but it wasn’t me,” he claimed.  “And I have been stared at sometimes.  I thought people had accepted me for the woman I am and I was starting to feel comfortable at the club but I was worried by some things which happened.”

Said Tonkin, “Once, a man pulled me up to dance, but I was not in the mood, and when he realised I was [not a woman] he said some very unpleasant things.”

In trying to explain his outburst, Tonkin told the Mirror, “I have been stressed out by all the staring from people and it got to me.” 

Added Tonkin, “What has upset me is that I have been a member of the club for a year and I thought I was settling in very well.  I have done nothing wrong and, if anything, I am the victim.”

Tonkin has not yet completed all the surgery he intends to have to make his body appear more female.  But, he said, “I am not stopping until I am who I should be.”

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