SASKATOON, September 19, 2013 ( – The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission announced that a mediated settlement has been reached between the owner of a Saskatoon bridal shop and a man who presents himself as a woman.

Rohit Singh, a student from India who came to Canada in 2010, filed a complaint against Jenny’s Bridal Boutique after the owner of the shop refused to allow him access to the women's changing room.

When Singh selected a dress and wanted to try it on, shop owner Jenny Correia refused him, saying “I don’t allow men to wear dresses in my store.’’


Singh retorted, “I’m not a man, I’m a transgender and my sex-change procedure is going on,’’ according to media reports of the incident that happened on April 21.

The owner believed allowing a man to try on dresses would make female customers in the shop uncomfortable.

Despite media backlash, Correia stood by her statement in defense of the other women shopping in her store.

“To me it doesn't matter,” Correia said, according to CBC News. “He looked like a man. There were quite a few brides in the store. If you see a man trying on dresses, you're going to feel uncomfortable.”

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission ruled that Correia violated Singh's rights under Section 12 of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code “by denying a transgender woman service.”

According to the Human Rights Commission mediated settlement, Jenny Correia “agreed to provide a personal financial contribution to two local charities” of a total of $1,000.

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix reported that Singh Peace stipulated that Correia give the “Avenue Community Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity” and “AIDS Saskatoon” $500 each.

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He also demanded that Correia apologize to him publicly in front of the media, but reportedly accepted a written apology instead.

“I am quite happy with the settlement,’’ said Singh, who is now known as Rohit Singh Peace after his “marriage” to his “fiancé” Colin Peace. “I don’t think any other business will do this again.’’