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Audrey Elizabeth Hale seen entering The Covenant SchoolMetropolitan Nashville Police Department

NASHVILLE (LifeSiteNews) — The transgender radical who murdered six people at a Tennessee Christian school acted alone but planned out the massacre for “months,” according to local law enforcement.

On the morning of March 27, Audrey “Aidan” Hale, a 28-year-old woman who identified as male, shot and killed three children and three adults in the Covenant School, a Presbyterian private school in Nashville, before being fatally shot by police responders. Hale, a former Covenant student, was a “lone zealot” with a “manifesto” laying out her “resentment” of the school, according to Nashville police chief John Drake.

On April 3, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department released an update on its investigation into the shooting, which began by affirming that Hale “acted totally alone.”

“In the collective writings by Hale found in her vehicle in the school parking lot, and others later found in the bedroom of her home, she documented, in journals, her planning over a period of months to commit mass murder at The Covenant School,” the department said.

Her exact motive “has not been established,” the press release added, but Hale did “conside[r] the actions of other mass murderers.”

It is unclear how the latest statement about Hale’s motive squares with Drake’s initial statement about her “resentment” of Covenant, but her manifesto will be released to the public after Nashville police and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit are finished reviewing it, according to Nashville City Council Robert Swope.

Swope added that Hale had “looked at” two public schools but determined that their “security was too great to do what she wanted to do” before she settled on attacking Covenant.

The massacre led to renewed attention on the Trans Radical Activist Network’s (TRAN’s) planned “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court, which was planned for the weekend of April 1 but canceled at the last minute.

Another group, the Trans Resistance Network (TRN), claimed that Hale’s death was a second and “more complex” tragedy than the deaths of her victims, with various left-wing activists and prominent Democrats, including White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts focusing on gender-confused Americans as the alleged victims of ongoing “attacks.”

The transgender debate is defined in large part by the disconnect between the rhetoric of trans activists, who accuse opponents of “erasure” or “genocide” of gender-confused individuals, and their policies’ actual impact on those they claim to represent, from irreversible physical harms many come to regret to mental and emotional suffering up to and including suicide.