MIDDLETOWN, CT, April 8, 2014, ( – After an investigation the city of Middletown, Connecticut has declared that a discrimination claim filed by a “transgender” city police officer is groundless, reports the Middletown Press. 

Frank “Francesca” Quaranta, 46, accused the Middletown Police Department of harassment. He has been out on paid administrative leave since August 2013, and in December, he filed a complaint against the department for making a hostile work environment. 

Faith Jackson, the city’s director of human relations who was responsible for conducting the investigation, says that no evidence of mistreatment or hostility exists.  In fact, she suggests, in a letter to Middletown Mayor Dan Drew, that Quaranta acted out of retaliation. 


“To use her transgender status as a reason to file a complaint of this nature is a malicious act towards another employee,” Jackson said.

“Since I could not substantiate any of her allegations of discrimination or the creation of a hostile work environment or any reasons for her to be concerned about her safety, ‘emotionally, mentally, and physically,’ it can only be determined that Officer Quaranta filed her complaint in retaliation and as a means of lashing out at those individuals she feels have abandoned her, reported her on issues, and the chief because he forgot he approved a hairstyle.”  

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Jackson was referring to an instance where Police Chief William McKenna allegedy singled Quaranta out as a reason to change the department’s hair policy. 

Mayor Drew, while stating that he agreed with the findings of the investigation, added that he did not concur that Quaranta acted out of retaliation, an offense which could result in suspension. 

“While my interpretation of the facts of this case leads me to a similar conclusion,” Drew said, “I must note that I do not see empirical evidence to support this claim of action. I have decided against levying discipline against Officer Quaranta for this finding.” 

Though Quaranta said he is disappointed, he added that he is not surprised by the outcome. 

“There were a lot of things that were left out,” Quaranta stated. “If you’re investigating yourself for your own wrongdoing, what else would you come up with? That’s (Jackson’s) internal investigation and it’s her job to protect the city.” 

Jackson has suggested that Quaranta be assessed before returning work.  She cited the relative newness of the gender transition and the length Quaranta has been away from the department as the reasons for the assessment. 

In addition to the leave he has taken since August, Quaranta was absent from the department for four months beginning October 2012 due to the hormone treatments. 

Quaranta says he has been confused about his gender since he was 13, but kept his struggles secret from his family until 2012, when he began hormone treatments.  He says that his son was supportive of the decision and that his wife is still his “ultimate best friend.” 

Quaranta maintains that he was subject to gossip and hostile attitudes by his fellow officers, saying they would not call him by his female name and gave him a hard time. 

In his letter, Mayor Drew said that he does not believe Quaranta was held to a different standard or singled out from the other officers.  “We have made a concerted and diligent effort to ensure that Officer Quaranta is working in an environment that is accepting and respectful,” he stated.