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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – While Canadians opposed to radical gender ideology’s ability to protest dwindle as some cities ban protesting drag queen story times, “transgenders” will gather with the blessing of the federal government on Saturday in Toronto and other cities for “International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV).”

The annual global event is “dedicated to celebrating transgender people, their contributions to society, and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide,” the organization states.

International Transgender Day of Visibility was founded by “U.S. transgender activist Rachel Crandall of Michigan in 2009” as a “reaction to the lack of recognition of transgender people.”

In previous years, the Canadian federal government as well as the City of Toronto have put their support behind the event, and it is expected they will do so again this year.

Some Canadian cities, such as Calgary, Alberta, have gone as far as passing bylaws that ban protesting against drag queen story hours or any other “LGBTQ” events held at public facilities.

In June 2022, Calgary City Council, under its left-leaning Mayor Jyoti Gondek, amended the city’s bylaws to “specifically prohibit insulting or demeaning behavior, including unwanted sexual advances, or harassing anyone on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression, among others.”

Calgary’s new “Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw” disallows “specified protests” both inside and outside all city-owned and affiliated public buildings. Gondek put her full support behind the buffer zone bylaw.

The bylaw means pastors or concerned parents protesting against pro-LGBT events at public buildings will be barred from getting within 100 meters of any such location.

Toronto’s TDOV is scheduled to be held a day before a planned “Trans Day of Vengeance,” which will be held outside the U.S. Supreme Court from March 31 to April 1.

The “Trans Day of Vengeance” comes after Monday’s mass shooting at a Nashville, Tennessee, private Christian elementary school by a “transgender” assailant, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a woman who identifies as male. The assailant killed six people, including three kids, before being fatally shot by police responders.

Hale is a former student of the Christian Covenant School and is the “lone zealot” with a “manifesto” laying out her “resentment” of the school, according to Nashville police chief John Drake.

In recent weeks, protests against drag queen story hours in Canada have increased, notably in Calgary.

Christian pastor Derek Reimer was jailed and charged for protesting a children’s drag queen story hour at a public library a few weeks ago in the city. He was released from a Calgary jail after he decided to sign bail papers to take care of an urgent medical condition.

However, upon release, Reimer was forcefully arrested again by members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) after appearing to breach his bail conditions by protesting the new bylaw that bans the type of demonstrations that caused his initial arrest.

He has since been released on bail a second time and is scheduled to appear in court today.

Pray for Peace at Trans Day of Vengeance in Washington D.C. Join our Prayer Pledge