Transgender security guard sues Los Angeles LGBT Center for sexual harassment

A man who 'transitioned' to a woman said he was often asked if he were male and whether his penis was surgically removed.
Thu May 16, 2019 - 6:39 pm EST
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LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Claiming sexual discrimination and harassment, a “transitioned” former security guard at the Los Angeles LGBT Center filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday.

Dia Sablania worked at the LGBT Center in 2018, according to a report by Patch news service, alleging nine causes of action, which include retaliation, failure to prevent harassment, and gender identity discrimination. Sablania is a man who, according to the suit, has been "socially transitioned as a female for several years."

Sablania alleges that he was subjected to harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual and transgender orientation. According to the suit, Sablania was frequently asked if she were actually male, and whether she had her penis removed surgically. The suit states, "Plaintiff was told to just accept that she will always be a man," which adds, "Plaintiff was told to just be honest with herself and admit she is gay."

To escape further harassment, Sablania agreed to work a late shift, which was normally covered by two persons. However, the harassment allegedly continued. Furthermore, the LGBT Center allegedly refused her request for a shorter work week despite a medical diagnosis of diabetes and hormone disorder. A subsequent request for vacation time was denied and followed by her dismissal, the suit stated.

Court documents claimed that while Sablania was "a solid employee and had no write-ups or documented counseling," the LGBT Center did not investigate her claims or speak to witnesses. "Instead, they allowed the harassment and discrimination to continue up to the date of termination."

Founded in 1969, the Los Angeles LGBT Center and its 700 employees have provided services for “more LGBT people than any other organization in the world,” its website states. “We are an unstoppable force in the fight against bigotry and the struggle to build a better world, a world in which LGBT people can be healthy, equal, and complete members of society.”

Some feminists have criticized the transgender movement, asserting that it is a danger to real women. For example, lesbian feminist Julia Beck told Tucker Carlson in February that allowing men to legally identify as women put real women at risk of assault in women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

Beck said “women and girls all share a biological reality” that men can never share, no matter whatever surgery they might have. “We are all female. But if any man, if any male person can call himself a woman, or be legally identified as female, then predatory men will do so in order to gain access to women’s single-sex spaces, and it puts every woman and girl at risk,” she said.

In April, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that will consider whether the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees protections from workplace discrimination to homosexual and transgender people. This will be a test of the current conservative majority in the high court since the retirement of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who was considered a champion of gay rights. Heretofore, most federal appeals courts interpreted Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to exclude sexual orientation discrimination. But courts in New York and Chicago recently decided that discrimination against homosexuals is a form of sex discrimination.

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