HERCULES, CA, March 6, 2014 ( – A transgender female high school student who told police a horrifying tale that she was physically and sexually assaulted by three boys for using the men's restroom has admitted she made the whole thing up.

An unnamed 15-year-old girl who believes she is a male said that three boys from Hercules High School pushed her into a handicapped stall, then physically and sexually assaulted her in tandem around 11 o'clock Monday morning.

The police sprang into action, dusting for fingerprints and scouring the school for eyewitnesses.


“We do know that the attackers made disparaging remarks against the victim, which is adding to the sexual assault investigation, and it's also being made a 'hate crime,'” Police Detective Connie Van Putten said after the initial report.

School officials condemned the attack. Students pledged their support. The Safety Committee held an emergency meeting to address the potential epidemic of anti-transgender violence.

Then the whole case fell apart.

Just two hours into the official police interrogation on Wednesday, the girl admitted the story was a ruse.

Police said in a statement that “officers were unable to substantiate the facts of the victim's statement; including the time frame of the incident, and the lack of physical injuries to the victim's head, face, and hands.”

They were tipped off that the story may not be fully accurate by the fact that the girl had no apparent injuries or marks to align with the horrific beating she was supposed to have suffered.

The girl could now face charges for filing a false police report. School officials, on the other hand, have been remarkably understanding.

Mario Trujillo, spokesman for the West Contra Costa Unified School District, said that although the teen “admitted (s)he fabricated the whole story,” school officials know “that life is complicated, and at the end of the day this is a request for help.”

Last fall, a 16-year-old biological male slapped a teenage girl in the face in a confrontation at the Bay area high school. Jewelyes Guitierrez said he was retaliating for “bullying,” which school officials said had nothing to do with his gender identity. Police charged the boy with battery, and he was ordered to participate in a restorative justice program.

Homosexual activists said they were happy to have the school district enact their agenda regardless of the truth or falsehood of the latest horrific charges at Hercules.

“Even if this particular story isn't true,” Carolyn Laub, executive director of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network said, “the school's response, to put in place plans for bringing the community together and addressing school safety and climate, is a good outcome.”

Police did not speculate on the Hercules student's motive. But John Luciew of believes that the girl acted to generate “support of a ground-breaking California law that allows transgender students to use restrooms that match their gender identity. The law is under attack by religious critics and could be challenged, even overturned, in court.”

If true, the teenage girl would be far from the first person to stage a “hate crime” to promote the LGBT political agenda.

Charlie Rogers, a lesbian, claimed three masked men broke into her home, bound her with plastic zip ties, carved a cross into her chest and anti-gay slurs into her body, spray painted slurs on her walls, then tried to set her house on fire in July 2012. Police determined she actually carved a cross into her own chest with a knife. “So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone,” she wrote on Facebook shortly before the attack. “I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me.” A judge sentenced her to a week in jail and two years of probation.

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In August 2012, a homosexual in Montana, Joseph Baken, said three men beat him and called him anti-gay slurs as he was celebrating his 22nd birthday. But video surfaced of him doing a backflip and smacking his face on the pavement.

Last November, New Jersey waitress Dayna Morales claimed a couple refused to tip her because she's a lesbian, generating thousands of dollars of contributions from sympathetic readers. She was exposed when the couple came forward with their receipt, which indicated a generous tip, and Morales' friends described her as a compulsive liar.

In 2012, Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) held a “solidarity rally” on behalf of 19-year-old Alexandra Pennell, a lesbian allegedly receiving hate notes. Officials later discovered she planted the notes herself.

In May, police charged a lesbian couple in Colorado with writing “Kill the Gay” on their own garage.

The most famous gay “hate crime,” the murder of Matthew Shepard by “homophobes,” has also been exposed as a lie.

A substantial number of hate crimes hoaxes take place each year, whether on purportedly sexual or racial grounds.