TORONTO, Nov 18 (LSN)  Yesterday, a trial date was finally set for jailed pro-lifers Linda Gibbons, Anneliese Stedan, and Reverend Ken Campbell. The trial is to take place on February 2nd and 3rd, 1999 at the provincial courts at College and Yonge Sts. in Toronto. The three pro-lifers were arrested on Sept. 9 of this year.  As the ordeal continues year after year for Linda Gibbons, even Ontario’s judges are getting fed up with the Tory government’s antics. The Crown has delayed the show cause of the prosecution against the pro-lifers to such unreasonable lengths that the presiding judge said she would dismiss the case if the Crown failed to bring forward its evidence yesterday. Earlier this year, another Ontario judge lashed out at the provincial government arguing, among other things, that the temporary injunction used to prosecute Mrs. Gibbons and Ken Campbell had been temporary long enough.  These recent comments from the bench strengthen pro-lifers in their resolve to have the injunction removed so that the Tory government no longer has the tools in place to take political prisoners and trample on the democratic freedom of conscience of Ontario citizens. Observers wonder why the Prime Minister can take time to talk about “human rights” violations in other countries while ignoring them when they take place in his own backyard – especially since he often seems to be looking for something about which to attack the Ontario provincial government.  A second province-wide picket on behalf of Linda Gibbons is scheduled for this Friday from 11 am to 12 noon. Please contact Campaign Life Coalition’s Toronto office at (416) 368-8479 or their Ottawa office at (613) 729-0379 for more details. They will be able to tell you where the picket for your provincial riding will be taking place.  For more info on the imprisonment of these pro-lifers go to: