Matthew Hoffman


Trial of ‘house of horrors’ abortionist Gosnell to go directly to trial

Matthew Hoffman

PHILADELPHIA, February 10, 2011 ( -  Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes of Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas has denied a preliminary evidentiary hearing to accused murderer Kermit Gosnell and his accused accomplices, indicating that the case will proceed directly to trial.

Gosnell’s attorney had requested the hearing, which would have delayed the case. His request was denied on the grounds that the grand jury had already examined the evidence and approved the charges against the abortionist.

Hughes set an arraignment date of March 2, at which time Gosnell and his co-defendants will enter pleas.

After at first claiming that he was indigent and in need of a public attorney, Gosnell showed up in court with Jack McMahon, a famous lawyer known for his involvement in other high-profile cases. According to reports, Gosnell earned millions annually from his late-term abortion business.

“Everybody’s made him the butcher - this, that and the other thing without any trial, without anything being exposed to the public and everybody’s found him guilty. That’s not right,” McMahon told reporters.

Police say that upon entering Gosnell’s clinic last year, they found the corpses of numerous babies in jars, and other containers holding body parts, in a dirty facility that has been called a “house of horrors.”

Gosnell is charged with murdering seven newborn children by stabbing their spinal cords with scissors.  He is also charged in the death of an adult client who died following a botched abortion.

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