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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Pressed by opposition leader Pierre Poilievre in parliament on Wednesday about the shortage of pain medication for children across Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemingly tried to blame climate change for the lack of meds.

Referencing the shortages, Trudeau said “we’re working closely” to deal with the shortages. “We know this is something that is part of the global disruptions … that climate change is a basic that, uh, the pandemic has left on its supply,” he continued.

Liberal MP Anthony Rota, who is the Speaker of the House, interjected and said, “I am gonna ask the Prime Minister to sit down for a second. We’re starting off on the wrong foot here. I think the honourable leader of the opposition wants to hear the answer … ”

The Canadian government has admitted that there is a shortage of child pain meds due to “unprecedented demand for these products” and has instructed parents to give their children warm baths to help with pain if the shelves are empty.

The unprecedented demand is due an unusually early rise in viral illnesses over the spring and summer months this year.

It has been noted by health commentators in the media that continual lockdowns contribute to immune system issues in children, who, in their fragile state are in need of exposure to germs and viruses to properly develop.

The pain medication shortage happening in Canada is not taking place in border states that ended their lockdowns much sooner than Canadian provinces. It is not clear if Canadian children are in greater need of pain meds due to the massively prolonged Canadian lockdowns that saw children masked and isolated for the better part of two years.