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Justin Trudeau on March 24, 2022, at the NATO Extraordinary SUMMIT. Brussels, BelgiumGints Ivuskans/Shutterstock

(LifeSiteNews) — After another bombshell report last week suggested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2021 election victory was clandestinely backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Trudeau blasted not only the alleged undermining of the nation’s elections but Canada’s intelligence agency for allowing the information to be leaked to the press.

“It’s certainly a sign that security within CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] needs to be reviewed. And I’m expecting CSIS to take the issue very seriously,” Trudeau reacted after the latest Globe and Mail reports.

In last Friday’s report, the Globe and Mail stated that they’ve viewed “top-secret Canadian Security Intelligence Service documents” that “cover the period before and after the September 2021” that show “how an orchestrated machine was operating in Canada with two primary aims: to ensure that a minority Liberal government was returned in 2021, and that certain Conservative candidates identified by China were defeated.”

According to the Globe, the CSIS documents reveal that the CCP was “pressuring its consulates to create strategies to leverage politically [active] Chinese community members and associations within Canadian society.”

Reacting to both the reports of potential foreign interference in Canadian elections, and Trudeau’s response, Toronto Sun columnist Brian Lilley blasted the prime minister.

“Trudeau’s reaction to all of this should have been one of fire and brimstone. He should have said he would demand answers from China, that he would haul China’s ambassador to Canada on the carpet and demand answers,” Lilley wrote.

“He did nothing of the sort; instead, he expressed concern that CSIS was leaking to the media,” continued the well-known columnist, adding, “It would be better if Trudeau took China’s election interference seriously.”

As reported by LifeSiteNews, this is not the first time the Trudeau government has come under fire for potentially benefiting from CCP interference in federal elections.

Late last year, Global Newsalso citing CSIS, reported that the nation’s top spy agency had identified at least 11 candidates – who have yet to be publicly named – in the 2019 federal election who were thought to be under the direct funding and influence of the CCP.

The report also stated that Trudeau was made aware of this alleged interference in early 2022 but failed to disclose any such information to the public.

Since then, Trudeau has repeatedly dodged questions about alleged CCP interference in the nation’s last two elections – both of which led to his reelection – and just recently Liberal and New Democratic Party (NDP) MPs voted down a Conservative MP’s motion that sought to compel Trudeau’s top adviser to testify before a House of Commons committee after another Global Newsreport showed that she was warned about CCP interference in 2017.