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OTTAWA, Ontario, October 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Ottawa pumped tens of thousands of taxpayers' dollars into abortion provider Planned Parenthood-affiliated organizations through the Canada Summer Jobs program this year, a document obtained by LifeSiteNews through an Access to Information request reveals.

“I am outraged by this grotesque abuse of scarce taxpayer dollars and by the unbridled animus that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is showing towards Christians and other people of faith who disagree with the killing of children in-utero and with LGBT ideology,” said Jack Fonseca, a senior political strategist with Campaign Life Coalition.

During this past summer, many faith-based and pro-life organizations were unable to access Canada Summer Jobs grants to cover part of the cost of summer students' salaries. Employers this year had to sign an attestation indicating they supported abortion and transgender “rights” to get the summer job grants in Canada.

Many faith leaders said no, seeing this as an ideological values test they could not in good conscience sign.

In the political backlash that followed, more than 90 faith leaders signed a letter asking Ottawa to drop the “values attestation.”

And when the Canada Summer Jobs grants came out, many of those faith-based and pro-life organizations were shut out.

While only 126 Canada Summer Jobs program applications had been rejected by Service Canada in 2016, that number reportedly skyrocketed to 1,561 this year. Among the hardest hit were a summer Bible camp in Alberta, an Ontario farm that provides vacations to poor, urban families, a family-run irrigation business in Alberta, and a rural historical museum in Nova Scotia.

Trudeau defended the “values attestation” despite the outcry.

And Planned Parenthood, which operates in this country as Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights, kept on doing business as usual.

According to the document obtained through the Access to Information request, 14 Planned Parenthood-affiliated organizations in Canada shared $88,270 in Canada Summer Jobs grants in 2018.

The biggest chunk of that, $25,705, went to three Planned Parenthood-affiliated organizations in Ontario. Another $20,126 went to four in Nova Scotia, and three groups in Alberta bagged $18,546. An organization in British Columbia got $5,176 and another in Newfoundland and Labrador snagged $3,483. Two Planned Parenthood-affiliated groups in Saskatchewan split the remaining $15,234.

“Now we know that while Trudeau was discriminating against churches and Christian businesses by denying them access to a government program, he was also lining the pockets of groups that are diametrically-opposed to the Christian worldview, with buckets of cash from the very same program,” said Fonseca.


The Campaign Life spokesman urged Canadians to vote him out of office in next year's federal election.

“It's now very hard to deny that Justin Trudeau is the enemy of the cross,” said Fonseca. “Using our hard-earned money, while drowning us in national debt, this spectacular enemy of the cross is funding groups whose mission is to ensure that more pre-born babies are killed at the hands of abortionists.”

Fonseca urged all pro-lifers to pray for Trudeau.

“As a Catholic, I fear for Trudeau’s soul, having so much innocent blood on his hands, and constantly craving more,” he said. “Pro-lifers urgently need to pray for this man’s conversion.”