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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — The Canadian Liberal government has promised $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars to push the LGBT agenda abroad and to target pro-family laws in Africa.

On May 9, Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld, parliamentary secretary for International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen, pledged $1.7 million to international groups devoted to promoting the LGBT agenda worldwide.

“We know that groups who oppose 2SLGBTQI+ rights [sic] are increasingly well-funded and globally co-ordinated,” Vandenbeld said at the conference hosted by the “Dignity Network,” a coalition of Canadian groups that push LGBT ideology around the world.

At the conference, LGBT activists complained that while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promises funds for the LGBT movement, the funds are slow to arrive.

According to Vandenbeld, $1 million of the funding will be spent on a U.S.-led research project that aims to stop “stigma” and “discrimination” against so-called “2SLGBTQI+ people.”

The remaining $700,000 in taxpayer dollars will be given to the “Rainbow Railroad,” a Toronto-based LGBT group.

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The funding is only the Trudeau government’s most recent bid to push homosexual and gender ideology.

Trudeau’s 2024 budget features plans to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to promote LGBT ideology at home and abroad and to expand “equity groups” in the workforce to include people who identify as “2SLGBTQI+.”

The conference attendees also called for more funding and activism against pro-family laws, especially in Uganda and Ghana.

While Western counties have embraced the LGBT ideology, many African countries have passed legislation to prevent the LGBT agenda from infiltrating their countries.

In March 2023, the Christian-majority country of Uganda voted to strengthen its commitment to Biblical marriage and sexuality by passing legislation that further criminalizes sodomy and other depraved behaviors.

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This February, Ghana passed a bill outright banning LGBT behavior and activism, as well as homosexual adoption.

Included in Ghana’s bill are proposed criminal penalties for those who engage in homosexual acts or promote such acts. This includes a ban on same-sex “marriage,” same-sex adoption, and other public displays of homosexual or transgender behavior. The bill also seeks to clamp down on transgender ideology by banning mutilating procedures for gender-confused individuals.

The Catholic bishops of Ghana strongly support the law, while the far-left, pro-LGBT United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has attacked it and urged Ghana’s president not to sign it into law.

Africa’s continued resistance to the acceptance of sodomy has led pro-LGBT international bodies and countries including the United States government, the European Union, the United Nations, and the World Bank to attempt to force countries in the region to abandon their principles or face financial or economic consequences.

In October, U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration announced that Uganda would be axed from its “African Growth and Opportunity Act” program after approving its new anti-sodomy law. In August, the World Bank took similar action when it froze loans to Uganda over the latter’s unwillingness to embrace sodomy.