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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian taxpayers are slated to foot the bill for women’s contraceptives as part of the Trudeau government’s new healthcare plan.  

At a March 30 press conference at a pharmacy in Toronto, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that the Trudeau Liberal government will provide Canadian women with free contraceptives under their new healthcare plan.  

“Our plan to make common contraceptives free – like birth control pills and IUDs, and even emergency contraception – will mean that, for nine million Canadian women, freedom of choice will be truly ‘free,'” the pro-abortion political asserted.  

Under the new plan, Canadian taxpayers must fund various types of contraceptives including up to $300 per year for oral birth control pills; up to $500 per hormonal intrauterine device (IUD); up to $100 copper IUD; up to $300 per hormonal implant, which includes up to $300 per unit, up to $300 per hormonal vaginal ring, up to $150 per year for contraceptive injections, and about $30 per dose of emergency contraceptives such as “Plan B,” a drug designed to kill a newly conceived baby.   

The anti-life funding comes as Canadians already pay for government-funded abortions, which are included in the provincial public healthcare system.  

“Women should be free to choose the contraceptives they need without cost getting in the way,” Trudeau posted on X, celebrating his government’s new plan.

“So, we’re making contraceptives free,” he added.  

Many commenters under the post noted that the contraceptives are not “free” but rather must be paid for by Canadian taxpayers.   

“Nothing is free,” one user commented. “Big Pharma will reap the rewards on these Federal contracts.” 

Similarly, X’s community notes stated, “Contraceptives will not be free. They will be taxpayer funded. Which means ALL Canadians will pay for them.” However, the note was taken down shortly after.  

“There are so many things wrong with this announcement, it’s difficult to choose where to begin,” Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.  

“It provides further evidence that Justin Trudeau is a depraved, sexual degenerate,” he insisted. “His top priority is apparently promoting loveless, responsibility-free, sexual trysts among Canadians, and killing children with taxpayer-funded abortifacient contraceptives like the morning-after pill.”  

“To force all Canadian taxpayers to pay for other people to have sex and to abort their unborn children is a form of abuse of the citizenry by this government,” Fonseca continued.  

“We also know that an increase in contraceptive use will lead to a HIGHER rate of abortion, not a reduction as some dishonest (or just ignorant) pundits are claiming,” he warned.  

“As the rate of adoption of contraceptives rose, so did the rate of abortion because the latter became a ‘back-up contraceptive method’ when the pill or other devices failed, as all of them eventually will do,” Fonseca explained. 

“With the rise of contraption, we’ve also witnessed a rise in the degrading treatment of women by men, and especially by young men,” he warned.  

“The path Trudeau is trying to lead Canadian men and women to is a fundamentally anti-human path,” he said. “It’s one of great cruelty, abuse and even perpetuating further violence and usury between men and women.”  

According to Fonseca, Trudeau’s plan violates the Constitution which grants sole authority over healthcare to the provinces.   

“The federal government has no say in the matter,” he asserted. “Trudeau’s attempt to take over provincial powers demonstrates his contempt for the constitution and his totalitarian leanings.” 

“Alberta and Quebec have already opted out of Trudeau’s so-called Pharmacare plan, knowing it will be a costly boondoggle,” he appealed. “I pray that the rest of the provinces do the same, to protect their provincial sovereignty in the area of healthcare as well as to pre-empt a costly and immoral socialist plan by Trudeau and his NDP enablers.”