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Canadian Prime Minister Justin TrudeauAlex Wong / Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s previously announced restrictions against handguns have now come into effect.  

Update: People can no longer buy, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada – and they cannot bring newly acquired handguns into the country,” Trudeau tweeted last Friday

“We’ve already banned more than 1,500 types of assault-style firearms,” he continued, sharing a statement from the Canadian government on the matter. “And we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to keep guns out of our communities.” 

Despite Trudeau’s own Privy Council Office reporting that his freeze on handguns will be ineffective when it comes to stopping crime, his government’s statement insists that “Fewer guns mean safer communities,” and “That’s why the Government of Canada is implementing some of the strongest gun control measures in a generation.”

Trudeau’s attack on handguns began in May, when he first promised to put a “freeze” on handgun sales in the nation by proposing Bill C-21 in the House of Commons.

While the bill has not yet passed, his government’s statement explains: “While the bill continues to be debated in Parliament, we are taking immediate action through regulations to keep Canadians safe.”

Trudeau’s insistence on disarming Canadians has sparked immense controversy in the country, with four provinces and one territory announcing their refusal to take part in another one of his gun-control efforts, a weapons buyback program targeting so-called “assault-style” firearms.

Trudeau also enraged firearm owners earlier this year when he said on an American podcast that people in Canada “cannot use a gun for self-protection.”

Disagreeing, criminal lawyer Sam Goldstein explained: “[T]echnically speaking, there’s no Charter right to use a firearm, but in fact Section 34 of the Criminal Code — the right to a defense — would include the right to use a weapon against another person who is attacking you with, for example, a weapon.”